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    We love to get together with other anglers who like to share experiences, laughs, secret fishing holes and share TALL tales, (some of which will require believability photos. Photo shopping is encouraged) and fish and fish and fish a little more. You don’t have to be an expert angler, ALL are welcome. We meet up every chance we get, sometimes for breakfast beforehand, and then fish whichever lake, river, stream, creek, or mud hole the DFG just stocked. We go to the ocean ( not normally stocked by the DFG we've noticed, as of late) for surf , pier, jetty, harbor, bay, estuaries, river mouths, and anywhere else those elusive beguiling fish are laughing at/taunting us. Day and over night trips with the local fleets up and down the Pacific coast are part of what we do, and for the serious anglers among us, there will be opportunities for extended excursions and even out of state, long range opportunities!!~ WHOOOOT~! Weekend trips to the Sierra Nevada's, Colorado River, Neighboring states, Central and Northern California will be strongly encouraged as part of our club's mode of operandi. You don’t need a boat, even a pole or reel, we've noticed that it does help quite a bit though. All you need is a healthy, like/want/need/ obsession for some great fishing/catching/casting/truth manipulation. Once in a while we even actually catch some. A lot of times we put them back where we found them.----

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