Guided Meditation for Inner Balance & Quieting the Mind - with Ellen Radha Katz

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Every 3rd Tuesday of the month

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Every third Tuesday of the month when she's in town, Ellen (Radha) offers a gentle, guided healing meditation.

Beginning with gentle stretching and moving into breath awareness, Ellen guides us through a journey into our pre-conscious and subconscious selves. Through her gentle voice and intentional words, she creates a space where our individual capacities for healing and love reside.

There is no rigid structure, only an organic process that builds a bridge connecting us intimately with ourselves, cultivating a sense of conscious, safe community and providing an experience of deep restoration.

Ellen Is both a licensed psychotherapist and an experienced meditation instructor. She includes teachings from many traditions in her guided meditations, having been immersed in many spiritual traditions over the course of her life.

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Please consider making a generous donation to support the ongoing existence of INNER BALANCE, and to offer some support to the generous facilitators who contribute their time, energy and gifts to make these sessions available to the public. A $10-$15 donation per session is suggested.