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Men's Energy Clinic
What does it mean to be a man? There have been many opinions put forward over the years, but the truest answer is the one that fits who you are, individually, in all your uniqueness. In this recurring workshop we’ll look beyond our physical bodies and the roles we’ve been given by the culture we were born into. Through guided meditation and using tools to get in touch with your natural clairvoyance, you’ll experience the unique vibration of your own male energy and the way it blends with your female energy (all humans have both), and you’ll learn how to clear other people’s energy from your space. Life is so much more fun when we recognize and value who we are; learning to experience our own one-of-a-kind energetic impression is a powerful gift! This workshop is open to all who identify as men. There's a suggested donation of $10. I hope you can make it!

The Blue House

700 Warren Ave. N., Seattle, WA · Seattle, WA

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This is a group interested in the expansion of consciousness. Activities include workshops and clinics on a variety of topics but generally aimed at helping participants increase their intuition and self-knowledge, and in conveying tools for self-healing. To be extra sensitive and empathic is a wonderful gift, and this is a place where like-minded souls can support and validate one another.

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