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The hardest part of changing is (Self Motivation). I've decided to make a decision to stop allowing other people dreams to derail me from my dreams. So I am going to be upfront with my direction. I chose a company that has services I can use and promote. The real reason people follow you, is because you are friendly, focused, and effective in helping them to reach their dreams. Your company is a tool to reward you for being an effective leader. In 2019, I want to form a Group of like-minded Leaders that's sick and tired of being sick and tired with no compensation. So our new philosophy is: Stay Alive, Have Fun, and Make Money. The real reward is to have "Inner-Freedom4Life" to live your dreams. (Travel, Family Time ect)

Our Goal: Develop a community of coaches designed to bring like-minded people together, to share ideas, successes and failures. We realize, our responsibility, is to connect with players that are already playing the game of life, and want to play it better. The most productive self rewarding years of our life, was when we were young, innovative and unlimited in our imagination with fun and the spirit of play.. Let's come together and rediscover the spirit of play. I am developing an interactive platform to meet in the comfort of our homes for accountability and Income sharing ideas. Yes, I have chosen an industry I believe in, due to effective use. Our Identifying team is Team "Inner-Freedomdom4Life" If you are open to change, Join our network of Coaches. Our first Meetup will be January 2019. Live Streaming will be included

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