Healing Crystal Singing Bowls and Reiki

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Immerse yourself in the vibrational sound of Crystal Bowls, as its combined with Reiki, healing on a physical, mental and emotional level to bring our bodies into a state of balance, peace and well being.

Reiki and sound healing are both vibrational in nature. Every cell in our body has a natural frequency of vibration. When the stresses and challenges of life accumulate and we find ourselves “out of tune”, dis-ease can occur. The healing sound of Crystal bowls and the energy of Reiki can retune and rebalance our bodies, restoring harmony to our entire being.
Combining Reiki and crystal bowls, creates a system of natural healing that can be more powerful than any one system alone. Each will enhance and compliment the other and can be used as an adjunct to traditional health care procedures and treatments.

We will begin the evening with a brief relaxing, guided meditation then flow into the beautiful sounds of the Crystal Bowls and Reiki.

Please bring a yoga mat and pillow/blanket. Chairs are available for those not comfortable lying down.

Arrive a few minutes early, as we will start promptly at 7:00

Cancellations - We respectfully ask that you notify us at least 24 hours before the meet up so that others can attend.

Cost $ 20.00 (cash only)

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