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Many who took the turn onto this road, called life, came across bumps, hard to manage curves, exits, amazing sights and rest areas and many, many crossroads.

Even though no journey seems to be the same, because of its surroundings (interactions/people/history/culture), the essence is very similar, expressed through our feelings and more importantly, experienced under influence of energy that surrounds us and is being increased step by step, minute by minute until the Ascension within you has reached full circle.

We All are going through important change in life. Embrace who you are to become in Light, Love and Unity with All that is, is essential. Connect with your heart..this very moment, the next..Always. Join us, to learn, share, and explore your inner journey on levels untouched before.

This meet-up group is for like-minds to join, share, learn and experience life together.

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Lion's Gate Full Moon Ceremony

Online event

Lion’s Gate Full Moon Ceremony Tomorrow at 9pm CST, I will facilitate a Full Moon Ceremony in preparation for the Lion's Gate Activation (which will take place on Zoom Saturday 8am-9am, August 8th) Meet me Live on Facebook, 8/3/2020 at 9pm, and we will go through a guided journey and ceremony under the powerful presence of the Full Moon. Donation based event. Donate through Venmo, Facebook, PayPal orhttps://wilhelminamckittrick.com/products/donations

Online Shamanic Soul Discovery Ceremony

New Life Art & Wellness Center

Come join us in our Zoom room and connect deep within to receive your insights that is ready to be revealed. Facilitated by Tom Mckeown and Wilhelmina McKittrick Wilhelmina will perform a centering ceremony at the beginning of the class and shares "the given". After this, Tom will lead you in an initiation Ceremony that will initiate the movement of your core energy, and accelerate your spiritual transformation. Tom and Wilhelmina will hold the energy to help facilitate journeys to deep soul discovery. This healing ceremony will give you insights in your energy pattern & activate stagnant energy within so the connection with your soul is consciously established/deepened. Donation based event. You can donate by using Venmo, Facebook, PayPal [masked] or via the donation link on www.wilhelminamckittrick.com zoom invite will be send to you upon received donation, or after joining here on Facebook. Learn more about the facilitators on www.newlifeaw.com

Study group; Re-Discovering our Truth

Online event

Weekly study group facilitated by Wilhelmina McKittrick. Wilhelmina guides you through lessons previously and currently experienced, shares the given from her books, journals and in the moment as different topics will be touched that are aiding in re-discovering your truth. One of the main goals is to help deepen your self-awareness as you delve deeper within to re-discover your truth about self; your past and present actions, emotions, conditionings and more. Are you ready to expand your perception of Self? Are you ready to remember and enhance your abilities? Are you done with hiding, lying and pretending? Join us weekly or when you can on Thursdays from 7 to 8:30pm CST! Let's get started! Register on https://bookwhen.com/newlifeaw#focus=ev-sg8u[masked]

Lion's Gate Activation- Merging with our Soul

Online event

Lion’s Gate Activation – Merging with our Soul We have entered the atmosphere of “the Lions Gateway”. The Lions Gate is a time of accelerated cosmic energy flowing between the physical and spiritual realms. The Earth will be in alignment with the star Sirius. Since ancient times this alignment has been key in powerful inner connections and evolution of our consciousness. Below is a short description given to me by my guidance. More will be shared before the Activation. The light of Sirius will come down to reiterate to mankind the inner knowing, so abilities will once again shift; Coming out of the dark. New chrystaline’s structure will come to its completion in the Unification process of today's Activation. Join us at 8am within the comfort of your home. $25 a person. $40 per family, living in the same home. Register onhttps://bookwhen.com/newlifeaw#focus=ev-sh[masked] Until we meet again! Within Love, Wilhelmina

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Study group; Re-Discovering our Truth

Online event

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