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This meetup group is intended for anyone already engaged in, or looking to work with smart contracts and blockchain. We’ll cover a variety of topics, and invite guest speakers who will share their experiences with practical applications. We’ll also have ample opportunities for hands-on exercises for those looking to roll up their sleeves and get going! Business, operations and technology audiences are all welcome.

Smart contracts are the secret sauce behind creating impactful blockchain or DLT (Distributed / Decentralized Ledger Technology) applications. They drive automation and standardization in business processes, add intelligence, and bridge data silos.

The meetup sessions will be linked through DAML, an open source smart contracts language and a privacy-aware runtime created by Digital Asset. DAML is being used to take live a number of significant use cases in the industry, and is fast becoming a preferred smart contracts language because it is being integrated to run without changes on multiple blockchain platforms as well as traditional databases. DAML abstracts away platform complexities by offering an overarching ledger model, and has built-in rights, obligations and privacy guarantees.

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