• Cannabis and the Social Entrepreneur

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    Topic: Cannabis and the Social Entrepreneur Summary Cannabis is positioned to create billions of dollars in revenue. For contemporary White men, this will serve as entry to generational wealth. For many Black and Brown men it served as an initiation to systems of criminal justice. Dr. Grant shares why social entrepreneurship is the only remedy. Description America has not seen a new industry like that of cannabis since the inception of the internet. The internet changed the domestic commerce chain and international relations in a way that no one expected. The cannabis industry is positioned to perform in a very similar manner, creating billions of dollars of revenue across a myriad of relevant domains. One significant difference is that the internet has never been illegal or served as a partner in the business continuity model of disenfranchising Black and Brown men. An exploration of the contemporary legislative, cultural and systemic shifts related to the cannabis industry is critical to remedy the systemic disenfranchisement that creates disproportionality for many men of color. It will be the responsibility of social entrepreneurs to lead the charge in creating a space where these men gain reprieve for a legal shift that was largely created to maintain their disenfranchisement. Biography Dr. Donald E Grant Jr began his career as a middle school science teacher in Baltimore MD after graduating from Hampton University with a Bachelors’ degree in Biology. He knew very quickly that the kids he was teaching needed more than he had to offer at the time, promoting his doctoral studies in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Multi-Cultural Community Psychology in 2003. In addition to his broad work in film and media, coaching and wellness, Dr. Grant serves as Executive Director of the Center for Community and Social Impact (CCSI) at Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena CA and has a long history of direct mental health service delivery and administrative oversight for foster care systems, child welfare programs, education systems and homeless mental wellness services. His academic partnerships span across two decades and over a dozen institutions including Pepperdine, Loyola Marymount and Cal State LA. He is a published author, international trainer and on air expert for NBC Universal.

  • Solving Complex Problems with Practical Robotics

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    Topic: Solving Complex Problems with Practical Robotics Robotics is an advanced technology that will change the way we live our lives. Many of the robots we’ve seen so far have been very impressive...and also impractical. We founded inVia Robotics with a simple mission to automate repetitive tasks so people can focus on doing more meaningful work. For us that means automating warehouse order fulfillment tasks like inventory picking and replenishment, with a system that combines the power of physical robots with AI-driven software. In order to give our customers high-value solutions, we’ve had to become experts in not only the integration of robotic hardware and software, but also in the daily operations of warehouses and distribution centers. We are solving problems that haven’t been solved before, and that creates a lot of big challenges and even bigger rewards. Bio: Rand Voorhies, CTO & Co-founder, inVia Robotics Rand is a technology and robotics expert focussed on leading driving the inVia engineering team that builds behind the integrated software driving the robotics system solution. This includes product development, customer technology/software support, and management of technology investment strategy management. Prior to inVia, Rand worked within NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory during his Ph.D. i program. Ran completed his bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. in computer science and robotics at the University of Southern California. Rand enthusiastically joined Dan and Lior in co-founding inVia Robotics to apply intelligent automation robots to the e-commerce industry. In his free time, Rand enjoys Olympic weightlifting and restoring his 1971 Datsun 240Z. twitter: @inviarobotics LinkedIn: inVia Robotics

  • Behind the Scenes of Becoming a VC

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    Topic: Behind the Scenes of Becoming a VC Summary: An informal look at my experience raising $200M from Sand Hill Road, transitioning to a new role as a partner at a local LA venture fund, lessons learned, lessons learning, and what has surprised me now that I’m sitting on the other side of the table. ------------- At Shift, we raised ~$100M from DFJ, Highland Capital, Goldman Sachs, BMW and DCM before just recently raising another $140M series D. Shift started with me showing up at my co-founders apartment every morning at 10am, parking cars outside his house and taking pics with my iPhone. It’s been up and to the right like a deeply soul-searching rollercoaster. I moved back to Pasadena to be close to family and did some speed dating with the LA venture funds before landing at TenOneTen. We fund early stage entrepreneurs (usually $500k - $1M check size) and I am just learning the ropes. In this talk, I’ll reflect on what I’ve learned and what I’m still learning. Bio: Minnie Ingersoll Long-time Silicon Valley product leader and operations executive with a particular interest in building and scaling impact through elegant technical solutions and great teams. I started my career as an early product manager at Google where I co-founded the Access team. After 11+ years, I left Google to become COO of Shift. In my spare time I volunteer for city government, surf baby waves, and raise baby people.

  • Happiness Is A Choice

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    Topic: Happiness Is A Choice Summary: Who are you right now? Who do you want to become? You may feel that you are not happy with your life right now. You know you need to change but it’s hard for you to take a giant leap into the unknown. You are constantly asking yourself, “What if I could…?” It doesn’t have to be this way. During this engaging keynote, William explores the different identities that the public perceives him to be and the identities he wants for himself. William masterfully weaves vivid stories with universal truths into a memorable experience. Audiences leave inspired and equipped to apply the lessons learned, and take their performance to new heights. Key points: - Let go of the identity people tell you that you should be - Letting go of your past and current identities is not about abandoning your responsibilities, it is about your mentality for renewal - Instead of being attached to where you have been, think about where you haven’t been Bio: After his American Idol audition, William Hung’s rendition of “She Bangs” became famous for all the wrong reasons. Despite a humbling start, William redeemed himself. He has since appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Ellen DeGeneres Show and even performed live with Ricky Martin in Las Vegas. He currently resides in Los Angeles. Twitter: @ChampByChoice Instagram: @ChampByChoice Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChampionByChoice/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/champbychoice/ #ChampionByChoice, #WilliamHung

  • Biohacking for Entrepreneurs

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    Topic: Biohacking for Entrepreneurs: Work Smarter and Perform Better by Improving Your Own Biology Summary: Launching your business in today's complex world requires significant CLARITY, ENERGY, and SKILL. Dr Giancarlo Licata will share 10 of the most powerful tips and tricks to “biohack” your brain and body to FEEL and PERFORM better as an entrepreneur. Whether you want to learn faster, communicate better, or improve your overall effectiveness, this talk will give you curated practical steps to achieve your next breakthrough. In addition, learn why Entrepreneur, INC., and Fast Company are predicting the eventual need for executives and technologists to "upgrade" their brains and bodies in order to be effective in the 21st century. Whether improving your IQ through nootropics, monitoring sleep and performance data on "wearable" tech rings, or increasing energy by changing your "fuel" sources, you're sure to find immense value. Lastly learn practical ways to apply Pareto's Principles and "stacking" principles to get maximum output with minimum effort. Bio: Brain health expert, clinician, and multiple-business owner, Dr Giancarlo Licata applied his clinical neuroscience success with over 2500 clients to make a quantum jump in his own life in 2017. While a successful business owner and clinician, Dr Licata felt increasingly over-committed, under-slept, and with little reserves to both grow in business and at home. He realized he needed to apply new paradigms and tools to his increase his capacity to meet the demands of his professional life, enjoy a rich personal life, and actually have energy and joy to spare. In 2017, Giancarlo began pairing his own expertise in applied neuroscience with ongoing research from colleagues from around the country to improve his own biology, and be able to achieve massive breakthroughs in his own performance. His practice, Vital Head & Spinal Care www.vitalheadandspine.com, now serves clients from around the world, Major League Baseball players, Hollywood executives, and executives from Fortune 100 companies. He also co-founded The Interprofessional Community, composed of over a 100 health practitioners and innovators dedicated to improving 21st century healthcare. Dr Licata speaks around the world, moderates health and wellness panels, and has time to travel and homeschool his three children with his wife, Sonja. Twitter: @drlicata Email: [masked] #biohacking #brainhealth #neuroscience #entrepreneur #neurohacking

  • X Factor to Entrepreneurial Success: Being a Courageous Leader

    Topic: X Factor to Entrepreneurial Success: Being a Courageous Leader in Uncertain Times With Corporate stability and employee loyalty on a rapid slide, Leaders are being asked to utilize skills and emotions not thought about before. As a Leader, how do you balance transparency and authenticity with command and fortitude? Courageous Leadership!! What are the X-Factors that determine long-term Entrepreneurial success? Leadership is at the top of the list. Leaders are being asked to utilize skills and emotions in ways not thought about only 10 years ago. Courageous Leadership isn't about battlefield experience, it's about owning who you are and finding your personal North Star.. and never losing sight of either one. Bio: Chris Lord Since his graduation from USC, Chris has been an active leader with several local universities and executive networking groups around topics and sessions that help practically enable people to be better prepared for the real-world and improve their leadership capabilities. Although his background is Aerospace Engineering and he worked on the Space Shuttle, don't be fooled.. he is a Business Strategist with deep technology roots that excels in understanding how human connections and relationships enable leaders and businesses to grow and thrive. He recently founded his own firm, Bridge Builder Coaching, to help Business Executives and Military Veterans through tough career transitions in their lives. Chris started formally coaching Executives in 2005 as he had just transitioned his leadership role to a direct report in order to allow that person to continue to grow and expand their own career and leadership style. This relationship and transition formed the basis for how Chris wanted to help Executives grow thru transitions and changes in their roles, responsibilities, and influence. Chris uses a wide range of assessments and bodies of knowledge as the basis for his coaching including Gallup StrengthsFinder, CareerLeader, Franklin Covey, John Maxwell, and Stagen Integral Leadership Program. Chris has successfully built 4 Management Consulting businesses in Southern California, most recently as the General Manager for Slalom Consulting, where he led the Practice’s growth from under $2mil in 2010 to $30mil in 2015. At Slalom, he was responsible for development and execution of all go to market solutions, Client and Vendor relationship success, and talent acquisition and retention. [masked] LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/clord1

  • Amara's Secret Sauce to Stay Inspired & Passionate in Business

    Topic: Amara's Secret Sauce to Stay Inspired & Passionate in Business Summary: Hi! My name is Amara Barroeta and I’m the owner of Amara Chocolate & Coffee in Old Town Pasadena. I’m not a restaurant business guru or a famous chef, so when I was invited to be a speaker at Friday Coffee Meet Up I was very honored and excited, and without hesitation I said: ‘yes I’d love to!’ And when I started developing today’s talk I got really scared and said: what can I offer these people, some of them entrepreneurs, maybe they have been in business longer than myself, or belong to different industries? And after digging for a while and inserting the crying emoji in my keyboard several times, the answer was plain and clear: the best I can share with them is my personal story, a story of Chocolate: with lots of bitter and sweet moments, but full of satisfactions. The story of transforming my life from what it was 10 years ago back in Venezuela where I worked in media and entertainment as a journalist while finishing my degree as a chemical engineer, to owning Amara Chocolate in Pasadena’s very competitive dining environment. Amara’s have become a destination for locals, visitors and foodies alike; we have been featured in top publications and TV shows, and have been awarded as Best dessert, Best South American Food and Best Independent Coffee House for the last 7 years by Pasadena Weekly to name a few. Thus, looking back at my journey and seeing all the challenges that I have overcome being an immigrant and starting my own business has allowed me to stay passionate for what I do, developing a clear path to continue growing, and finding spaces to give back to my community. So, is there a secret sauce for that? Let’s find out! Bio: Amara Barroeta is the owner of Amara Chocolate & Coffee Cafe in Pasadena, California. Originally from Venezuela, Amara emigrated to the United States to get her MBA at UCLA in 2010. Prior to leaving Venezuela, she was crowned first runner-up in the Miss Venezuela pageant in 2002. And not long after that, she graduated from university with a degree in Chemical Engineering and a specialization in food processing. Somewhat surprisingly though, it was her experience as a beauty queen that opened up a world of opportunities, including a chance to travel the world (and most often, to Hollywood) as a television newscaster. Amara traveled to stay in the US when she began her studies at UCLA. She didn’t know then that Los Angeles would become her new home. But increasing political unrest and corruption in her home country, as well as a deep appreciation and love for America led Amara to decide to stay permanently in the United States, where she opened and successfully runs Amara Chocolate & Coffee Cafe. Utilizing her background in chemical engineering, her MBA, and her the bright, friendly personality that served her well in her beauty queen days, Amara spends her days happily serving coffee, food, and chocolate to her steadfast customers and getting involved with local organizations helping the Venezuelan community in SoCal and abroad. In 2017 she spoke about her experience as an immigrant on the TEDxPasadena stage. In 2018 she was invited as the host/moderator of The Refugee Forum of Los Angeles. Instagram: @amarachocolate Speaker email: [masked] #amarachocolate #amaracafe

  • Buying Your Competitor

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    Topic: Buying Your Competitor Summary: Philip will talk about how and why as a small business he bought his competition. Bio: Philip Board With over two decades of experience in the financial planning and insurance industry, Philip heads 1 On 1 Financial as founder and CEO. Philips passion, enthusiasm, humor, and knowledge place him in high demand to provide investment and financial advisory services to individuals, families and businesses throughout the country. Philip has grown 1 on 1 Financial from a one person boutique to a four advisor, five assistant full service practice. In his capacity as OSJ he also oversees five additional Centaurus advisors. Philip also serves as President and CEO of Medi-cal Benefits where he and his team work with families to determine eligibility for Medi-cal benefits and create a solid plan to help families preserve assets, income streams, and independence when facing a need for long-term care. Philip earned his Master's of Science in Financial Services as well as a Certified fund specialist designation from the Institute of Business and Finance (IBF) located in La Jolla, Ca. He also has credentials in advanced estate planning as well as retirement income planning, both from IBF. Philip holds licenses in life insurance and health insurance along with Series 7, 63, 65 and 24 registrations with Centaurus Securities, Inc. Philip enjoys spending time with his lovely wife Patricia, and after many years of waiting, in December 2010 they adopted a 16 month old little girl “Emma Shan” from Fuzhou, Fijian, China and in July[masked]/2 year old "Lily Shu" was adopted from Nanning, Guangxi, China. Philip’s favorite pastimes include road and mountain biking, snow skiing and scuba diving.

  • Open Networking

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    After 7 years of weekly Friday Coffee Meetups, we're changing up the format a bit! As you FCM fans know, a big part of what happens each week is the community-- the people you meet. Put on a name tag, and introduce yourself. And it's AMAZING the people you meet, isn't it? You might be talking to a rocket scientist or a real estate broker. Last week I met someone who is creating a new and improved port a potty that is less offensive/ more enjoyable and environmentally friendly! That's what brings me in each week. And it's a little bitter-sweet sometimes when you're in the middle of a fascinating conversation, and you have to stop, sit down and listen to a fascinating speaker instead. So NOW you don't have to. Occassionally, we'll have an Open Networking Friday to mix things up. And that's what we're doing Friday, May 10th. Same great coffee, same great people. See you there!

  • Rocket Fund: Introducing a Non-Equity CleanTech Fund

    Topic Rocket Fund: Introducing a Non-Equity CleanTech Fund Summary: Learn about Cal-Tech’s Rocket Fund which awards non-equity grants from $25k-75k. FLOW's Rocket Fund is a granting pool that helps academic and garage innovators turn their technologies into commercial realities through financial support and entrepreneurial education. We will be introducing you to an opportunity for CleanTech companies to obtain non-equity funding for commercial prototyping and connecting with customers. Supported by California’s six major utilities, industry and Caltech, the Rocket Fund http://flow.caltech.edu/rocket-fund provides non-equity grants to startups to design and build their first commercial prototype and start demonstrating with potential buyers. Bio: Stephanie Yanchinski Trained as a scientist, Ms. Yanchinski has directed her entrepreneurial expertise towards starting companies and helping tech ventures emerge from universities. She has worked with government and the business and investment community in Europe, Asia and Canada to establish entrepreneurial support programs: in Canada she helped found a $20 million medical science incubator, and ran a $1.5 million CEO mentoring and training program. At Caltech, she founded and now oversees the strategic planning, fund-raising and management of FLOW, a nationally recognized entrepreneurial program of the Resnick Sustainability Institute. Funded by the Department of Energy, FLOW helped launch over 20 companies which together have raised $60 million in follow on funding within four years. In partnership with Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric, Southern California Gas, Sacramento Municipal Utilities District and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and the Moxie Foundation, as well as Caltech, Ms. Yanchinski launched the Rocket Fund in 2015 for early stage companies. The Rocket Fund is an innovative cross cutting program providing vital funding and necessary commercial partners for building and testing a minimum commercial prototype (MCP) for real world demonstration. The Fund validates technologies which makes companies more attractive to investors and partners.