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Israel is a global leading force of innovation and its number of start-up companies, seconds only to the US Silicon-valley (Highway 101) and the Boston Belt (Route 128). In spite of being quite small in size and population, Israel generates, relatively and in absolute terms, more (not just technological) innovation than big European countries such as Germany, UK, or the Scandinavian block. The extent of venture capital investments in Israeli start-up companies (per capita) is the highest in the world and so its number of engineers per capita (roughly 14 engineers per 1000 inhabitants in comparison with 9-10 engineers in the USA and Japan).

That’s where we come in. The Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management Center in the Graduate Business School of the College of Management seeks to promote the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation management with emphasis on innovation in the industrial and business sectors. We’ve created the Innovation-in-Israel group in order to support creative innovative thinking among a network of professionals, entrepreneurs and investors such as to informally exchange information and knowledge, educate each other and benefit from the power of the group with respect to innovation and creative thinking as well as innovative entrepreneurship hopefully, working towards the creation of a national focal point for everything about innovation in Israel.

Our hope is to build a network of professionals, startups and companies as well as investors who meet up occasionally and communicate about innovation in the industrial and business world. In this respect we greatly encourage people and companies from all industrial sectors and businesses and not necessarily limit the scope to high technology. Since our group is organized around this specific vertical, please do not apply if you are a service provider for companies, as we may not accept your application.

Our Vision: Developing and Nurturing the "Innovation Nation"

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