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Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) - A New Way of Corporate Financing

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A trend known as “Initial Coin Offering” (ICO) is becoming popular as a mean by which blockchain based tech start-ups are raising millions of dollars in a matter of seconds. The money is raised from the public through complicated web platforms, by issuing tokens which might be cryptocurrencies or other means of crypto-assets.

Some argue that this novel type of financing (ICO), endorsed and spawned by the Blockchain revolution is contrary to investor’s interest, as the startups are not accountable towards investor’s money and there is a wide information asymmetry in the market. Others contend that ICO advances the interest of investor’s, and of retail investor’s especially, by increasing the number of investment opportunities available to them in addition to providing higher liquidity of capital to start-ups.

What we often miss to discuss is what the ICO is contributing is way beyond and above financing start-ups. ICOs have opened a new way of corporate financing. Though we may see some major structural change in the ICO model in near future, the underlying concept of using Blockchain to raise financing for the corporate entity for the research and development activities and exploring scaling opportunities is here to stay for a long time.

Along with this topic, we also look forward to discussing other interesting topics mentioned above.

Join us for the event and also for the drinks after the meetup!!

Speakers and panelists: Nina Siedler (DWF (, Sven Laepple (ASTRATUM (, Alexander Lange (Earlybird (, Christopher Nigischer (Innovationsforum (, Will Harborne (Ethfinex exchange (, Arnab Naskar (SICOS ( and many more.



18:30 Open doors.

19:00-19:15 The phenomenon called ICO

Sven Laepple (ASTRATUM)

19:15-19:25 VCs take on ICO: an introduction

Alexander Lange (Earlybird)

19:25-20:00 Regulatory view on ICO from EU and German legal perspective and best practice

Nina Siedler (DWF) and Arnab Naskar (SICOS)

20:15-20:35 Blockchain Start-Ups and ICO's

Windingtree - a blockchain-based decentralized open-source travel distribution platform. WIndingtree is a new ethereum-based DAO project, which introduces a token to reduce friction between the various parties of the multistakeholder tourism eco-system.

Ethfinex - an information and exchange platform for Ethereum-based trading and discussion. Ethfinex is a new project by Bitfinex, who recently announced to relocate their activities from the USA as a response to the recent SEC announcement about tokens.

20:35-21:10 Panel talk on how Start-ups and SME's can benefit from the ICO market

Christopher Nigischer, Nina Siedler, Alexander Lange, Will Harborne. Moderated by Sven Laepple.


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