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Are you an Entrepreneur or Sole Business Owner wanting to simplify your Life and grow your business at the same time? Sounds Crazy, but it is possible.

We will be discussing personal development, which includes finding your purpose, putting your dream to the test, personal and professional growth, leadership and team building.

We will be covering Direct Response Marketing, Copywriting, learning how to design your customer's value journey (your Sales Funnel) and how to optimize it. We will also discuss content marketing, social media management, customer aquisition and how to drive free and paid traffic to your sales funnel. Of course, we will also discuss lead magnets, how to design lead generation funnels and email marketing.

And of course, we will be discussing Systems, business process automation. This will include cash flow, how to train staff, project management and communications, software and apps that assists with automation, and also, will discuss coaching and training that you will want for you and your new team.

To truly build a business that will support your life, and give you the free time that you want, it takes focusing on these 3 areas, I call them the Innovative Marketing Trinity. Personal Development, Direct Response Marketing, and Systems.

If any of these three topics interests you, I think you will be really interested in learning more...

What qualifies me to host this MeetUp?

I'm a :
1. John Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker
2. Jack Canfield Certified Success Coach
3. Digital Marketer and AWAI Certified and Verified Direct Response Copywriter
4. Digital Marketer Certified Partner

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