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I n q u e e r s i t i v e M i n d s

Do you like to learn about new & fascinating discoveries across a wide variety of subjects and disciplines? Do you enjoy engaging in stimulating discussion and meeting the individual authors, scientists, researchers, painters and playwrights who are contributing to the culture around us today? And are you queer? Then Eureka, this group is for you.

We are a gay social group focused on seeking to make the most of D.C.’s abundant intellectual stimulation - from gallery talks in great art, lectures from scientists behind the latest discoveries in nature and technology, to public appearances by authors old and new, and so much more - all while meeting some new fellow inqueersitive minds.

And unlike meeting at a bar or club, you’ll both have the shared learning experience to talk about too :) And you’ll actually be able to hear what the other is saying :) Again, Eureka.


Our one bar experience is Smart Ass Trivia night at Nellie's where one Wednesday each month we put our knowledge to the test, and have fun together doing it. And I've still found we can hear each other there too. There no pressure to be great at trivia, and you'll be surprised what you know. It's not about winning itself (Though we won first place in June!)

All the events each month are in the District of Columbia, and they occur outside of regular working hours in the evenings or on weekends. About half are free, and in most instance the events are on general subjects and are not LGBTQ focused. All members of the queer community are welcome, and our allies too, regardless of age, gender or ability. Most events are followed by the chance to talk and assess what we just saw over some light food & drink nearby.

Listen, Learn, Libate!

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