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Many businesses now have access to so much information that they are looking for new solutions to simplify data and make it accessible to everyone. At the same time, employees are increasingly asking for access to information. One major approach is known as “the democratization of data” - which seeks to put data directly into the hands of business users who need it most and are able to unlock its value.

So you want to exchange data to gain insights amongst an ecosystem of providers, clients and insight analysts but the problem is it's hard to exchange data safely. It is complex and costly to set up the legal agreements and technical platform to share data in a way that is respectful of people's privacy and ensures your data security. The complex legal and commercial cycle leaves little time for generating valuable insights for your business.

Data Republic – our host for the January 2016 IGAP MeetUp – has developed a solution that manages the key risks for you. Data Republic ( ( provides a trust framework and secure platform for exchanging data securely. By having the platform deal with the data governance, you can focus on getting maximum value from your data and increasing your understanding of the problem space.


Derek Slone-Zhen, Head of Data Products. Derek has been called a Data Choreographer and longingly referred to as a "fountain of knowledge in everything that’s data” but no matter the acclimation, Derek will remain at the coal-face cutting code when it matters. With 20 years experience in system optimisation and more recently big data and predictive analytics, Derek has come to the republic to lead data product development.

Steve Millward, Commercial Director. Steve brings more years experience than he’d like to admit in commercial data analytics, having headed analytics functions at Experian and Westfield, as well as forays into e-commerce and innovation. Having written a database program on his Commodore 64 for his coin collection at age twelve, creating a marketplace for data could be why Steve has existed.