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Using Wargaming in Corporate Contexts

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On paper, a plan always looks good and the organisation is generally confident that the plan will deliver the expected level of performance. But conditions change as soon as the plan is rolled out in the real world. No amount of desktop analysis can help you predict how your competition (and other key stakeholders) will respond to your decisions over time, much less how they will respond to each other’s decisions. As your plan is executed and myriad numerous external factors unfold, how can we generate insights about which factors will undermine your strategy?

In the public and private sectors, wargaming is being used to test and adapt strategy to changing conditions, emerging risks and competitive threats. By simulating the market and competitive environment surrounding your business, wargames are ‘safe’ and allow you to practice your strategy without suffering any consequences for making critical mistakes or missing important market cues thereby leaving value on the table.

In our next IGAP MeetUp event, Mariana Zafeirakopoulos will be hosting a small workshop to explore wargaming / competitive and cooperative gaming for corporate contexts. Mariana is particularly interested in how strategic conversations might be played out to test assumptions, analytic thinking and decision-making within an organisational context. The workshop offers an introduction to a different approach to strategy planning, followed by group activities including idea generation, prototyping, and testing.


Mariana is the Executive Design Manager at the Sydney Studio of ThinkPlace – a leading design thinking consultancy seeking insights and innovative solutions in complex social systems. Mariana has a Masters in War in the Modern World from the War Studies department at King’s College London, supplementing her studies in law from the University of New South Wales; and International Relations and Asian Studies from Sydney University. Mariana has applied her expertise in program design and strategic analysis across a number of consultation projects across public, private, non-for-profit and international organisation sectors, including: public health, oncology, early childhood education, energy, insurance, law enforcement, South-East Asian geopolitics, capability and skills development, and intelligence analysis. Most recently, Mariana has worked in law enforcement focusing on intelligence tradecraft development, strategic intelligence analysis and operational work. Her main interest is exploring innovation in intelligence analysis - an area of passion she has developed by creating the start-up ‘Praxis Intelligence’ (a research and development space for intelligence analysis).