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Calling like-minded souls interested in all things esoteric who would like to participate in a spiritual gathering to awaken inner wisdom and intuition in a safe, protected and positive environment where the focus is on personal growth and sharing experiences and knowledge. I propose to hold monthly 2 hour informal gatherings at my home (2nd Thursday) to help us develop and trust our intuition and our spiritual gifts as well as learning from each other's experience. Groups likely to be under 8 people [unless demand is greater in which case I will book a suitable venue]. There will be a monthly theme of exploration such as affirmations or mantras, divinatory tools (cards, pendulum, scrying (mirrors, natural elements) centered around specific aspects of manifesting, healing, divining, self development etc... As a tarot card reader and a dowser, I can also articulate the group around these tools if that is the general wish. I would also like to have a "book club" section where we discuss books or articles that have inspired us. Although I will act as facilitator and group leader, I also envisage to let members lead some parts of the gathering e.g. opening relaxation, working session itself, closing exercise etc... Cost for session at my home will be £10 per evening. Based in RWT (central); limited parking. Proposed meet would be SECOND Thursday of every month (except August) starting 8th March 2018. Please note that although there is no specific belief system attached to any of the session, an interest in the esoteric, spiritual development and alternative health are prerequisites as well as a desire to be part of the greater good!

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