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BioMat with Reiki! $50 special once monthly
Only offered once a month! Discounted offer of $50 per half hour session, 45 minute appointment.. Individual sessions, with Reiki and the Biomat; negative ions, infrared, magnet, PEMF, bio photon therapies all in one! Call directly to schedule:[masked]. Large biomat underneath you and mini mat on top of you! Double therapy! This mat is ideal for beautification, anti-aging, various Symptoms, and various disease. This mat assists boosting your immune system! Join Natalie Benoit, Reiki Master Teacher, and Wellness Coach for a profound combination healing session! Call Natalie directly to schedule your appointment[masked] Natalie's newest passion is the Biomat! She researched the incredible healing benefits of the biomat, and did a ton of research to find an amazing mat, with many healing modalities/capabilites, all IN ONE! Natalie purchased this mat for herself, and her family, and wants to share it with you! Please, do your own research about Biomat healing. The testimonies are often miraculous. More about this Ereada Amethyst Mat: Ereada Amethyst Mat™ Compact PRO is equipped with 7 intensity levels in the heat range between 68°F and 158°F ( 20°C - 70°C ) electromagnetic fields free double silicon Titanium electrical heating system. High quality ventilated overheat proof auto controller enables you to set the heating temperature level and session time, activate magnetic pulsation, air anions and Bio Photons. The mat emits far and mid infra-red rays with 93% efficiency in the most body absorbable wave length range between 4 and 16 microns. This infra-red light is refracted and geometrically structured by the amethyst crystals layer to penetrate 6-8 inches (15-20 cm) deep into the body. The device creates intense heat boosting body metabolism and improving blood circulation. Ereada Amethyst Mat™ uses the highest quality most precise in the industry Bi-Metal heat sensors to control heating functions within the different layers of the mat. The mat generates anions through special layers and electrical discharge function of controller and directly conduct them to the body through skin and breathing. The function is operated by the "Negative Ion" button of the controller. The Purple Amethyst mat is equipped with 300 gauss static magnets and VLF (Very Low Frequency) pulsation magnetic therapy. It quickly restores the natural electrical field of our cells totally recharging our body and mind. The mat is featured with 14 pcs of visible Red light LEDs synergic to Far Infrared Light in healing properties. The mat is ideal for beautification and health care. It was found effective to fight various sickness and diseases boosting the natural healthy forces of our bodies. Appreciate the benefits of healing power of precious natural stones and heating therapy. Try it, you'll love it! To learn more about Natalie, or to pay with a credit card: To pay quicky and easily:$NatalieBenoit

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