Inspired Book & Brew Crew Monthly Meetup

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Welcome to the Inspired Book & Brew Crew!

“You are the same today as you’ll be in five years except for two things: the books you read and the people you meet”
-Charlie “Tremendous” Jones

Do more, be more, see more, earn more, give more, live more!

Monthly meeting on the third Tuesday rotating to different breweries.

Attendees will recommend and vote on the books we read. Adventure, endurance, biography, historical fiction, self- improvement, and memoirs are all fair game. The common theme will be that they should be inspiring or illustrate a path to a better life.

Our book for April will be Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption. Voted the best movie of all time on IMDB, many people don’t realize this amazing story started as a novella written by Stephen King. Applicable themes in the book include resourcefulness, friendship and mentoring, and most of all perseverance. Andy Dusfresne is the ultimate hustler and an inspiration to those who want to do more, be more, and achieve more.

Come join us at the inaugural Inspired Books & Brews Crew!

What it is:

Inspiration & camaraderie with goal-oriented people interested in betterment

It can be hard to find good friends. It can be even harder to find great friends who make you a better person.

Athletes, business owners, side-hustlers, FIRE-seekers and anyone who likes to improve their life and achieve and be more will feel like they have found their kindred spirits.

Accountability - inspiration doesn’t count for much without action. With the setting of “penalty goals” you can commit to your goals and create accountability:

“I’ll surprise my wife with a date night this month and take my kids on a special outing. If I don’t get it done I’ll pay $50 to whoever recommends the winning upcoming book of the month.”

“I’m going to record 4 promotional videos for my business this month. If I don’t get it done I have to send $100 to Fred Phelps & the Westboro Baptist Church.”

“I’ll start using the YNAB or Every Dollar App to get my spending under control. If I don’t get it done I’ll buy a round for everyone next month”

“I’ll complete the strava climbing challenge this month. If I don’t get it done I’ll donate $100 to the Streets Collective.”

Public Speaking Practice

We’ll create a welcoming and inclusive environment where people nervous about public speaking can practice. Each month those who choose can bring a book to recommend. Practice your persuasive speaking. Quarterly, business owners and side hustlers can practice their elevator pitches.”

As the Toastmasters say, every time you speak in front of a group takes you closer to having “your butterflies fly in formation”

Business Networking

Inspired people are often business owners and side-hustlers. Through book discussion and penalty goal-setting, we’ll gradually learn about each other’s businesses.

Quarterly, we can set aside time after the main meeting when people with businesses or side hustles can give a 3-5 minute elevator pitch on what they do and how we can help their business grow.

What it’s not:

Just a social time to drink beer

Religious, anti-religion, or intolerant

Business promotion outside of the mentioned quarterly times

Tentative Agenda
7-7:15 social
7:15 introductions
Book favorite parts
Book quotable quotes
Ways you’ll apply it to your own life
Recommended Upcoming Book presentations
Upcoming Book voting
Penalty goal update
Penalty goal setting

Even if you can’t attend the meetings, following along through Facebook or meetup will give you a steady stream of inspiring and life-changing and enhancing books.

Join the FB group and share with your inspired kindred spirits at

If we start to get a good crew showing up we can invite the brewery owners to share with us their most inspiring book pick, their favorite quote, and advice about how they have created a thriving business.