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Energy sessions are a time of relaxation, peace, and bliss. They bring rejuvenation and balance to all areas of health: Mind, body, emotional, social, and spiritual.

When I started my journey, the general theme was ‘overwhelm.’ I felt confused by all the new responsibilities of transitioning into my PhD program from corporate, and a lack of confidence in dealing with life. This worsened with stress and anxiety at work and grad school, with a lot of my energy drained by an overbearing boss, feeling underappreciated for my hard work.
The frustration was worsened by back and leg pain that led me to feel hopeless angry about my declining performance at the gym, and more importantly, my health as a whole.
I needed a break from the grind, and pending time on social media wasn’t doing it. I stumbled into an Energy Practitioner that changed my life.

After a few sessions, I saw my pains and aches vanish. More importantly, I began to reconnect with my inspiration for contributing to people’s lives. I switched research focus into creating greener technology. I found my passion for my craft as an engineer, graduate student, and scientist. I found the courage to make life adjustments and made career and lifestyle changes. I am consistently engaged in mastering my health, wealth, career, and internal development. I found myself enjoying a sense of power and freedom, with my body, emotions, and spirit. I now look forward to my meditations just as much as I do for my research, gym, talks with mentors, and planning my weeks, and living my vision!

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