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The Inspired Women Entrepreneurs was formed to bring a group of small business owners together to help each other promote, grow and expand their businesses. The members of Inspired Women Entrepreneurs want to truly and genuinely help one another. There are some great women's groups around and they all provide beautiful threads in the tapestry of our lives and business. I embrace and participate in many women's events and groups. Why? Because Women Are Amazing! There is much to learn from each other and being multi-faceted, different groups feed different parts of the soul.

Inspired Women Entrepreneurs is about forming sincere and genuine partnerships in an environment which is comfortable and "real". A important aspect of the Inspired Woman Entrepreneur is encouraging women business owners to be philanthropic leaders in the community. These women may very well be the friends that travel with you through the remaining chapters of your life adventure. During the Meetup we will discuss general topics and information that are of interest to women entrepreneurs and discuss how you can incorporate philanthropy into your business model. During The Inspired Women Entrepreneur membership meetings, in depth strategies for your specific business will be discussed and input will be given by a mastermind group of talented, experienced business women.

What makes this group successful? Several qualities. First, the individual person and how they present their business, support their fellow members and participate is critical. Imagine having your own cheering section as you navigate the game of life. That is the goal, to help each other be wildly successful, and achieve balance. Second, a desire to share ideas in all facets of our business, a willingness to speak to wins/losses’ and the courage to speak up when you are struggling will allow the entire group to easily grow together personally and professionally. Lastly, having an extreme level of honesty, integrity and trust is key. We are sharing a lot of personal information amongst the group and we must feel we can trust that our "sharing" is kept confidential and not shared with anyone, especially in the form of gossip. We are gathering authentic women who "get it". If you have ever wanted to really make an impact in the community but didn't want to go it alone, you now have your fellow sisters in business to join you. We will commit to one event a year that helps a local non-profit and encourage interest driven volunteer opportunities.

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