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What we're about

You want to find inspiration, meaning, fun, optimism and tools to design a better world for you and others ?

Then let's meet !

We will talk about stuff like :

- inspiring creatives, muses and leaders and their stories

- design methods

- personal development, our brains, emotions, behaviour

- cool content and designs

- how to express our true creative powers

- all kinds of exciting discoveries of all fields

- peace and love, and holistic oneness :))

And silence will also be allowed every now and then, because space is where creativity happens.


I am Neşem Ertan : a content strategist with over 10 years of experience, a coach, an insights-, co-design-, cognitive and behaviour science- expert.

My purpose in organising these meet ups : meeting other creative and passionate optimists and of course, doing some networking. ;)

For more info :
- visit my web-site : https://nesem-ertan.com (https://nesem-ertan.com/)
- write to me : nesem@worlds.studio

// and here is the source for the cool image I used to get you here :))


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