What we're about

I'm looking to build a small, local community of genuine seekers of HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS, to improve not only ourselves, but also the make a difference in the world.

First session is about the "Secrets to Higher Dimensional Living", including group exercises for Movement Feedback Holography and Quantum Field Entrainment.

I will lead interactive exercises so every can experience higher consciousness in the room on the first session!

Many people see energy and auras with their open eyes - often for the very first time - and see phenomenal changes in their energy, mood, and mindset within minutes.

This is a new group for anyone frustrated by the overload of Law of Attraction "get rich quick" schemes, and so much of the self improvement nonsense sold online by slick Internet marketers who only want to take your money.

I am committed to sharing ONLY the highest quality teachings and techniques, and only from legitimate masters who have dedicated their lives to this work.

If you would like to lead a future session, please get in touch!

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Shift, Heal and Evolve

2515 S Robertson Blvd

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