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Relationships Anonymous #6
Hello everyone, I’ve decided to start a new project, an exciting one. Ok, let’s see if you’ll share my excitement. I’ve been missing a platform where people could meet and have a deep discussion about what’s been worrying them, the struggles they’ve been dealing with, free from fear of being judged or “bothering someone with their own problems”. I like the idea of creating a community of like-minded people supporting each other, sharing their insights and experience, and trying to help solve each other’s struggles. This project is intended for those of you struggling with: • being single • relationship issues • self-esteem/self-confidence issues • honesty or lack thereof • setting boundaries • wanting to be more attractive for the opposite sex • getting over breakups Truth be told, I got some inspiration from the well-known Alcoholics Anonymous (hence the name). Obviously, you don’t need to be an (ex)alcoholic to join the session. Anyway, I’ve come up with some ground rules for our sessions that we might want to follow: 1. We shall support each other. 2. We shall share our struggles openly. 3. We shall try to come up with a solution and an action step or two for each problem. 4. Everyone shall be given an uninterrupted time to talk (up to 3 minutes). The session will be held weekly. Each session will last 90 minutes. (There will be a change regarding the venue. We used to meet in Cafe Colore. It’s a nice place, I like it there, but it’s not very quiet, hence it doesn’t seem suitable for our goals. Not to mention that I can hardly imagine talking about my recent breakup or so when there’s a waitress passing by and asking you lot if “you’d fancy another pint of beer”.) That’s why, I decided to rent a room that is perfectly suitable for our purpose. It’s quiet, cozy, and accessible (it’s near the Wenceslas Square). Also, although the previous meetups (led by me) have been free of charge, this one has an entrance fee is 3 USD (roughly 60 CZK) for now. The fee will cover the rent of the meeting room, water with lemon, and help keep this meetup group running. The minimum number of attendees is 6, the maximum, then, 10. A word of warning, this is not a therapeutic group. Hence, if you’re going through severe trauma or you or suspect you might need more personalized help, please seek a professional. This is an informal group where people can seek comfort through sharing their problems with others. I really look forward to making this happen. See you soon, Honza

Cafe Therapy

Školská 30 · Prague

Respond by: 11/22/2018

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Hey there. This group is intended for all introverts and intuitive people out there (originally, it was only for INFJs (me), but I decided to expand it a little).

According to MBTI (Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (, the following types tend to be introverted and/or intuitive:









If you're not sure whether you are an introvert and/or intuitive person, maybe try one of the tests available online. For example this one: .

As for the agenda of our meetups: I will try to choose a topic for every meetup (e.g. how to connect with other people), and we can talk about that. That said, we can talk about various non-related topics as well.;)

Also, I've just created a Twitter account for this group. So in case you'd like to read a related post every sometimes or have the possibility to see what "big questions" we discussed during last meetups, feel free to follow:

@IntroPrague (

Andddddd... in case you enjoy great food, you may check out this brand new group as well:

I look forward to seeing you soon.

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