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Announcing Our New Fall Program!

Foundations of Relational Spiritual Practice
Embodying Awakening in Everyday Life

If you’re like most spiritual practitioners, you might experience a depth of awakening in meditation and then find it eludes you as you engage with the complexities of family, work and society.

It’s this very experience that leads many people to conclude that…

Embodying our awakening in everyday life is both the biggest challenge and the most exciting invitation of modern spiritual practice.

Our new fall program has emerged out of our collective inquiry into this particular edge of evolution. It distills everything we’ve learned in WePractice over the last two and a half years into the core elements and practices for cultivating our embodied awakening in every moment.

We will explore the challenging dynamics that come up in our relationships that cannot be worked out on the meditation cushion. By serving as mirrors for each other within a field of compassion and acceptance, we reflect all that is true and beautiful about each other, as well as all that is unconscious and in need of healing. We can develop our capacity to bring more presence to our communication, our psychological shadows, and the relational dynamics that keep us stuck in old patterns. And as we grow our ability to bring our awakening into everyday life, we have a deeper impact on the world around us.

The Committed Group program consists of six sessions (2.5 hours each) that run from October 7 through December 2. During that time we will explore practices to…

Deepen our capacity to be open, present and creative in the midst of challenging interactions Create intimacy and transparency in our relationships more quickly and easily Be present with our own interior states while simultaneously “tuning in” to the interiors of others Become more skilled at stewarding the emergence of “collective intelligence” in groups Embody more of who we truly are and bring our awakening into more and more of our everyday life
If you’ve participated in WePractice before, we think you’ll really appreciate the more practical focus on awakening in the midst of life. If you’re new to WePractice, this is the perfect time to get started. Although we call the program “Foundations” it’s for spiritual practitioners at all levels of experience. Embodying awakening in everyday life is an ongoing, lifelong practice—we are always working on the fundamentals!

In addition to practicing with structured exercises to develop specific competencies and qualities, we will also be engaging in a completely co-creative space where each individual is invited to offer their unique gift in service of what wants to emerge from our unique WE. By being curious and staying present with what is really happening in every moment, we invite the unknown higher potential of the group to arise, and create the conditions for a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts to reveal itself.

If this resonates with you, we invite you to experience one of the Open Sessions. During these sessions we’ll introduce you to some of our core practices and give you a sense of the unique power of relational spiritual practice.

Foundations of Relational Spiritual Practice Open Sessions
Monday, September 23, 7-9:30pm
Monday, November 4, 7-9:30pm
Tuesday, December 10, 7-9:30pm
The TAI Group - 150 W. 30th Street (14th Floor) - NYC
Suggested Donation: $15 (no one turned away for lack of funds)

Foundations of Relational Spiritual Practice Closed Sessions
Monday October 7, 7-9:30pm
Monday October 14, 7-9:30pm
Monday October 28, 7-9:30pm
Tuesday November 12, 7-9:30pm
Monday November 25, 7-9:30pm
Monday December 2, 7-9:30pm
The TAI Group - 150 W. 30th Street (14th Floor) - NYC
Exchange: $100 for all six sessions
NOTE: If you’re new to WePractice, you must attend the Open Session on September 23 in order to join the Closed Group.

These sessions are fun and engaging, and we’re confident that you will come away with valuable experience and skills as well.

The intro sessions and the fall program will be facilitated by Michael Stern.

Please contact us at [masked] if you have questions.

Michael, Erin, Craig, and Noah
for the WePracticeNYC Team

About WePractice

We are committed spiritual practitioners who seek to advance human culture and spiritual development through the evolution of collective wisdom. We develop and model new, more awakened ways of being in community and in the world. We feel collective consciousness practice is the next step in spiritual practice beyond individual transformation. We brazenly endeavor to create an opportunity for the Future to reach back and guide us towards It.

Who is WePractice?

The WePractice Community is comprised of people from diverse spiritual traditions who share the vision of collective awakening and evolution. We all have a solid history of experience with spiritual practice and personal growth work, and are actively taking responsibility to expand consciousness not just personally, but collectively. Our emphasis is on invoking and working within the awakened intersubjective field.

WePractice community members are expected to have a stable individual practice outside of the group, and it is helpful (but not a requirement) to have at least a working knowledge of Integral Theory and Evolutionary Spirituality.

What is the “awakened intersubjective field”?

Traditional spiritual and psychological systems focus on developing individual awakening. This awakening often culminates in a shift in one’s sense of self from that of a limited personality to a level of identity vast and nondual beyond the confines of individual consciousness. This type of individual awakening is the foundation and starting point of our work together.

The awakened intersubjective field – what some call an “Evolutionary WE space” – is a state of non-dual conscious co-creation that transcends and includes individual awakening. Our experience has taught us that a new We that self-reflexively recognizes its unity while simultaneously honoring the unique characteristics and hierarchy of all individuals involved is not only possible, but may provide new windows into problem solving and conscious transformation for the future. We believe that the awakened inter-subjective field and the processes we have developed to help facilitate its emergence, hold the keys to the next stage in our human evolution.

How does WePractice operate?

We’ve structured the group with alternating periods where our meetings are open to the public, and then closed to committed members. The typical pattern is 3-4 open sessions during a two-month period, followed by 6-8 closed sessions over 3-4 months. This container, experience tells us, is the most effective way to deepen.

Because we will use the experiences of the open sessions as the foundation for the closed sessions, those individuals who are interested in joining the closed group are strongly encouraged to come for as many of the open groups as possible.