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Discuss "Integral Meditation" by Ken Wilber. (Buy used on Amazon if you like).
This book is a good, short introduction to the thinking of Ken Wilber and to mindfulness meditation in the Integral style. We will discuss this book, and also discuss the directions we would like this meetup group to go. We will select a date and location for our first meeting when we see who signs-up to attend.

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    This group is for those interested in studying and discussing Integral Living. We use Ken Wilber's AQAL model and the Wilber-Combs matrix, along with Spiral Dynamics as key orienting landmarks, although we are not disciples of any thought leader, nor do we adhere to anything dogmatically.

    We offer book study and discussion, mindfulness meditation groups, and community building to create a home for those who are on a journey of livelong maturation.

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