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Integral Awakenings

Interested in integral theory and the work of Ken Wilber?

Interested in integral spiritual practice, practice that includes, but transcends, the teachings of the traditions?

Interested in enlightenment, in embodied awakening, and in living a life of continuous awakening?

I have created Integral Awakenings (formerly Chicago Integral) as a meeting place for people interested in discussing ideas, sharing practices, and forming spiritual community. For many years, I had a full-time job but since Fall 2013 I have been working full-time to further develop what had been a side-interest. I hope to see this group grow and evolve in many beautiful ways in 2014.

We will meetup in person and online. The in person meetings will mostly be in Chicago, since that's where I live. The online meetups will be on MaestroConference or possibly group Skype (or Google Hangout). The online gatherings are open to participants from around the world.

If you would like to offer a program through this Meetup group or have ideas for the group, please let me know. I'd be delighted to have many partners here in this beautiful play of Spirit.

Integral Awakenings website: BillEpperly.com (http://www.billepperly.com)

A little about me:

'm a healer, awakening coach, and lover of nature, music, and life. I live in Chicago, Illinois, just one block from Lake Michigan. I came to Chicago in 1992, full of enthusiasm for enlightenment, and helped my Korean Zen Master to found a Zen Buddhist Temple here. I left that community in 1993 and have studied contemplative Christianity, healing modalities, and contemporary spiritual practices. I have a certificate in spiritual direction from the Institute for Spiritual Leadership. In 2010, I took up the Waking Down in Mutuality path to awakening and awakened living. I have been a student of integral theory and practice for over 20 years.I have a doctorate in biochemistry and consider life one great experiment after another. In my working life, I've been a research scientist, a professor, a faculty developer, and a director of centers for teaching and learning. I left academia in August 2013 and I'm now doing more of what I love: spiritual life coaching, workshops and retreats.My dream is to create a rural retreat center where people can deeply re-connect and awaken to Spirit as it shows up in Self, Neighbor, and Nature

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