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In 2012, we entered a new stage of human evolution—an evolution of consciousness. This era is known as the Golden Age.

You may have heard about the shift in consciousness from the Mayan calendar prophecy. The Mayans, along with other cultures, predicted that in December 2012 our planet would experience a shift in consciousness. In 2012, all of the planets in our solar system aligned and waves of energy and information that were previously not available to us became accessible.

In the Golden Age, we will access profound levels of consciousness. Scientists accept that humans access only 5% of their consciousness, but alchemy—a practice that transforms energy—allows us to access 100% of our consciousness. Thus, empowering us to unlock the unlimited power we hold.

You are a crucial part of this transformation in consciousness. Whether you know it consciously or not, you made the decision to be born on Earth during this critical period of history.

This group integrates wisdom from various cultures with modern science including quantum physics and bioenergy. It connects you with ancient wisdom and helps you incorporate it into your modern-day life so that you can connect with your higher power.

Can’t wait to spark magick together with you!

Whether you’re interested in meditation, energy healing, crystals, consciousness, the power of the subconscious mind, or the connection between science and spirituality —we are here to help!

Can’t wait to spark magick together with you!

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