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This meetup is for those who are searching for something internally on a deep level. For many, there is a need to grow, learn, and evolve. Perhaps you are awakening to a higher level of consciousness, and you want to meet other like-minded individuals. Do you feel like an "old soul" or an empath? Do you enjoy learning about metaphysics, energy therapy, alternative healing, and love interactive workshops and classes? Then this is the meetup group for you!

With my extensive background in metaphysics and numerous energy healing modalities, I organize and teach many of the workshops myself. I also aim to set reasonable fees for the workshops so that most members can afford to attend.

Our group has some of the most warm, kind, open-minded people I have ever met! We invite you to join us-- you may even feel as though you've finally found your "tribe!"

Light & Love,

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Accessing Your Akashic Records

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The Akashic Records contain everything that is known about us--past, present, and future! There is a way we can access these records for healing, for clarity, and to know more about our life's journey. The records can be used to release old stuff we are carrying with us, even from past lives. Mental, emotional, and physical issues can be addressed by accessing the Akashic Records. During the class, I will lead the group on a deep, guided meditation into the records. I will also assist participants by opening up their chakras and removing energetic blocks they may have that continue to slow their progress in life. Please write down a list of questions you seek answers to on a notepad, and bring it with you to the meetup. You can share as much or as little with the group as you want. The fee for the class is $35 payable in cash or check upon arrival. Space is limited--be sure to sign up early!

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Meeting of Empaths

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