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[Please make sure you read the description of this group carefully so that you REALLY know what this group is about and what it is NOT about]

This is a group for anyone interested in so called Intellectual Dark Web, i.e. thoughts and ideas presented by non-mainstream intellectuals such as Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson, Eric Weinstein, Ben Shapiro and others. Refer to the website for details, or just browse the term "intellectual dark web" in Google to find more information and content if you're not sure what it is. You can read articles, listen to multiple podcasts, or watch something on youtube.

This groups is NOT to deny Holocaust, discuss chemtrails or governments poisoning us, flat Earth, nor any such conspiracy theories. We don't discuss these topics here, and new members trying to do so will be excluded. Sorry.

It would be great to meet with fellow critical thinkers from time to time, discuss ideas and learn something new!


1. We stick to the topics that this group was created for.

2. We are respectful towards each other.

3. We don't try to impose our own opinions on other members.

4. We participate in a discussion. We do not preach.

5. If you register for a MeetUp and don't show up, you'll be banned from the group.

6. Breaking any of these rules will result in being excluded from this group and a ban.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any suggestions or feedback!

Yours sincerely,

You humble host Zuzanna

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