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Initially called the Jordan B. Peterson discussion group, after the first meetup it became clear I'm much too curious to pigeonhole myself like that. "Philosophy" sounds too serious although it is what we'll probably end up discussing anyway, so a generic title will have to do for now. However, if you really must know, we're all about open-ended discussions on seeking what is true and what is good for our personal lives. Whatever comes up here: psychology, philosophy, religion, etc...

I'm open to suggestions on topics for our meetups. I remember going to one in New York called the "Happiness" meetup. We just talked about happiness. It was truly wonderful.

In no particular order of relevance:

- Tragedy vs evil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLp7vWB0TeY, the video that motivated me to start this meetup.

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Second meetup

Miami-Dade Public Library System-Main Library

First meetup

Miami-Dade Public Library System-Main Library

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