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We are a 420-friendly group or you can call us a friendly 420 group - either way works. We get together and enjoy what nature has so graciously allotted for our special brain receptors. Then we discuss the big ideas of the day or anything else we put our minds to.

To join, you must be able to say “yes” to at least 4 out of the following 5 questions and to say “yes” to #6 in particular. If you can't say "yes" to #6, this group is not for you.

1. Do you have a University Degree? Online degrees do NOT count.

2. Do you have a special musical, artistic, or writing talent? Must be able to furnish proof upon request.

3. Do you consider yourself above the fray - above the vast majority of your fellow human beings in terms of intelligence, attractiveness, or charisma?

4. Do you feel disgusted by the election of our current president, whom you don’t even consider fit to run a dry cleaning operation, much less the affairs of the lone superpower left in the world?

5. Would you rather read a book instead of watch a movie? Take a walk instead of taking prescription medication? Listen to your conscience instead of your doctor? Learn something new instead of making another dollar?

6. Are you 420 friendly? If you don’t know what means, ask a teenager, then come back and answer the question.

7. Writing assignment: write a paragraph about yourself. It will be graded for spelling, grammar, style, and substance.

If you pass, you will be admitted to the most exclusive of clubs, never to be in want ever again.

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