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Profound in profane
Profound in Profane Discovering divinity through Songs from popular culture. “In the house of lovers, the music never stops, the walls are made of songs & the floor dances” Music, Meditation and Mysticism. Since childhood, if one thing that has always accompanied us, is the songs from the popular culture. ❣ They are our childhood friends. ❣ They are our ideals. ❣ They are our means of expression. ❣ They are the friends of our tough times. Ever wondered, what attracts us when we are listening to a song? Is it just acting? Is it just music? Is it just lyrics? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I invite you to be part of a Grand musical journey with the Acharya Ji. Understand the depths of the popular songs, Let these Songs touch you with their essential most meaning. Take this invaluable opportunity to be part of PROFOUND IN PROFANE: A series of discourses by Acharya Prashant discovering divinity through Songs from popular culture. This month celebrate your Songs in a new melody! To Register: [masked] Or you may contact: [masked] COURSE CLASSES SCHEDULE Class 1: Profound to profane || Date:16th May'18; Time: 6:30 pm (IST) Class 2: Date: 18th May'18; Time: 6:30pm (IST) Class 3: | Date: 20th May'18; Time: 6:30 pm (IST) Class 4: || Date: 22nd May'18; Time:6:30 PM (IST) Class 5: || Date: 24th May'18; Time:6:30 PM (IST) Class 6: || Date: 31st May'18; Time:6:30 PM (IST) COURSE BENEFITS 1. A head burning with questions? Relieve it down! A lifetime opportunity to directly place your questions in front of the Master. Class to proceed on your questions. 2. Missing out on any class? Access the full audio and video recordings of all the classes. Watch them for life-time. 3. Access to a downloadable PDF of the selected Verses of Sant Kabir, Meerabai. 4. Access to the exclusive WhatsApp group of Acharya Ji. 5. Personal guidance of mentors during the course. Note: Course material will be made available to the online students through mail. COURSE DISCIPLINE 1. It is mandatory to ask at least one question in every class. The first question must be from the reading, other questions can be from your life or from the reading. 2. Reflections to be shared after each class. Those who fail to share their reflections from the previous class, will not be allowed to attend the next class. Note: One must adhere to the discipline of the course so that they could gain the maximum benefit out of it.

Advait Bodhsthal

81C, CHI III, Alestona Estate, near ICON apartments · Greater Noida

What we're about

PrashantAdvait Foundation ( is a philanthropic initiative to bring about a socio-spiritual revolution that Acharya Prashant calls a movement towards a new humanity.

The foundation aims to create a new world based on clarity and compassion. It organises free learning camps for needy students, organises clarity sessions, and publishes and distributes free wisdom literature.

A Sanyasi, who was once an IIT-IIM alumnus & a civil servant​​, Acharya Prashant is the founder of the Advait Movement. He engages himself in leading PrashantAdvait Foundation for ‘Creation of a new humanity through Intelligent Spirituality’, conducting Shabdyoga sessions, Shoonya-smaran activities, Learning camps, and one-to-one meetings with the many seekers who visit him from all parts of the world.

​While he engages in free-flowing talks that deal directly with life, he also speaks on Vedantic literature, songs of Saints, philosophies and religious texts from all times and places. The thousands of videos and articles uploaded by him on the internet are precious spiritual resources, available to all those who seek them. Personally too, he is ever open to meeting sincere seekers of Truth.

Today, the Advait movement has touched the lives of more than a million individuals. Through his direct contact with people, and through various internet based channels, he continues to bring clarity, peace and love to all.

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