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Though they are both made of carbon, the only difference between a piece of coal and a diamond is that unlike coal, a diamond has attained it's purity, brilliance, beauty and preciousness as a result of millions of years of heat and pressure; it has internalized the fire. So, it is with the human consciousness.

Through highly specialized and rare Kundalini Yoga Meditation and Kriya Yoga techniques, we will purify, expand and internalize our life-force energies.

We intend to host the following programs on a fairly regular basis at our specially designed meditation room at our mountain-top home in San Jose and our private meditation forest retreat home in the Sierra Mountains (about 2.5 hours drive from San Jose).

Regular Kriya Yoga Sessions, Continuous Cognitive Breathing, Intensive Chakra Meditation, Tattva Shuddhi Meditation (Elemental Purification), Releasing Trapped Emotions from Chakras and Full Moon Meditation and Chanting

This is a journey about gradual transformation, about manifesting subtle but powerful inner-miracles.

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Tattwa Shuddhi Meditation Elemental Purification: Water

Intensive Chakra Meditation


Intensive Tattwa Shuddhi Meditation is a 4-Week Series for the sincere seeker focused on purification of the Water Element. Water Element is the "flow" aspect of energy in the universe. If energy in our body, mind and all aspects of life is not flowing optimally, we experience stagnation or inability to achieve what we desire. This is a fully experiential meditation series comprised of highly specialized techniques that integrate self-reflection and water energization to remove energy blockages and facilitate release of gross and subtle toxins, restoring energy flow to its natural state. Registration for the first session is $20 and there's a suggested donation of $20/Session for the remaining three sessions. All proceeds go to support charitable causes. This is an advanced practice however no prior experience is required. And attendees are strongly urged to commit to attending all the 4 sessions to benefit fully. Sundays, 6 to 8 PM - March 10, 17, 24, 31 P.S - This series is being posted on multiple meetup groups and channels. Please reserve your spot early.

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