What we're about

Essential Vision

We are team and kinship builders, social and cultural creatives who seek immersion in a network of powerful synergistic relationships. We create a living matrix of serving, loving and supporting one another.

We are building a team which itself is a micro-community, a team of people who seek deeper levels of integrated community with one another, and who enjoy journeying united together. We become catalysts and guides for one another. We dedicate ourselves to fully giving and receiving. Some of us will be living together, some working together, but all coming together weekly in circles to share and grow together emotionally, spiritually and socially.

In addition to our cooperative tribal group culture, we have a strong practical orientation. We have a track record of manifestation. We are doers, initiators, organizers, collaborators and experimenters. We are able to make changes in our lives, able to apply our gifts and skills in areas of business, in-the- world projects, and in daily family life.

Projects of the group will depend largely on the members’ experience, desires and the challenges we face. We anticipate various leading edge projects to flourish in the fields of information technology, alternative health care, food/gardening, housing, sustainable economics, music and culture, and more...

We are not one group, but a network of loosely affiliated groups or communities. If you are in a intentional community, perhaps we can explore working together with your group in some way.

Unlike many intentional communities, we are primarily urban based, with a vision of country satellite locations.

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