What we're about

Do you write, draw, dance? Do you dream about painting? Do you want to write a poem? Great! No previous experience is needed. Let's create as a meditation, self-exploration and for the fun of it.

Creativity is essential to our survival. It reflects our Soul's calling and Universal Life Force within us. We cannot function without being creative.

Are you trying to find where to apply your creativity?
Do you want to express yourself through art, but do not know where to begin?
Do you always postpone yourself and your dreams get lost in the noisy life?

This meetup is a creative opportunity for you. I know that nothing happens by chance. You know it too. Come and be heard, seen and appreciated.
Try new things and be supported.
Co-creation is our destiny. Let’s co-create together!

About Organizer
Svetlana Pritzker is a transformational coach, teacher, author, and artist. Reflector by Design, she always had a natural ability to sense and mirror people's Highest Gifts and Miracles. In the fall of 2007, she began channeling images of people's Light frequencies, connecting individuals to their Spirit, Guides, and Purpose.
Svetlana's paintings helped many people experience their essential nature and manifest their True Destiny. Your personal painting, channeled specifically for you, is a Gift Message from your Matrix Heart that is sent to assist you in knowing your Grace, Purity, and Power. www.energy4action.com

Svetlana's Message
"Each class I teach, each broadcast I post, and each painting journey I take you on, is a template of expanded consciousness. When you join in, your creative work eliminates limiting beliefs and shifts your awareness. My intention is to help you open multidimensional pathways to your Higher Self and to create a cascade of powerful manifestations in your life."

A Cup of Tea With the Universe
Each meeting is a Magic Space designed to help you take a break from the everyday hassles and to dive into an ocean of creativity, tranquility, and harmony of your inner world. Participating, either live, or through a recording, will change the vibrational quality of your persona, your life, and of your creative speed. During each meeting, channeled by deeply intuitive and experienced metaphysical teachers, you will receive color therapy, heart expansion, and understanding how to direct your life force into an endless creative flow.

Embedded in each meeting are dynamic processes, meditations, and visualizations leading to Sacred Metamorphosis. Take a cup of tea, meet with us, and hear what Universe has to say. Welcome!

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