How Designers can use elements of Stand Up Comedy in their work with Al Del Bene

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It can be quite confronting as a Designer, to be thrown into a situation where you need to sell your designs, or facilitate a session with senior execs you've only just met. SOUND LIKE YOU?

The solution is to understand the synergies between Design, Consulting, and Stand Up Comedy. That's right, Stand Up Comedy.

Learn the key elements of Stand Up Comedy (and how it relates to Design) in an informative, interactive, and iterative 2 hour session.

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Session Run Sheet:

• Intro to Stand Up Comedy 30 mins

• Develop your own routine

• Deliver your routine to the group and be constructively critiqued by the expert.

• Learn/ revise your routine based on the feedback and re-present

There is a fee for this event as we need to pay for our Funny Man. Please support him, please support us!

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There are two ways in which this will be of use to Designers, Creative People, Corporate Slaves, basically everyone. But I will try to make two clear points which are mainly focused on Designers working for the man doing white collar knowledge work:

1, There are some striking similarities between the process of humour, and the creative process more generally. Essentially there is a setup, an unexpected insight or interjection, and a punchline as a result. This event is one step in that exploration as a journey which I plan to take attendees on over the course of the year

2, The act of articulating a routine which the audience will find funny has a number of elements that help us in our day to day.

- The visceral act of planning, then delivering in front of a group with the goal of conveying a few simple ideas, and affecting an outcome is a skill we all need in our roles. Designers especially have a difficult job to create both legitimacy for our job, but also to articulate important ideas in a way that makes sense to the audience.

- The content of the routine delivered is just as important as the act of delivering it with intent. The story must bring to bear the key aspects of the audience's experience as they see it, and introduce a moment of insight and inspiration, an Ah-ha moment that helps to illuminate your vision often through a comedy-like punchline.


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