What we're about


What is this?

This group seeks to build a community of like minded individuals who are interested in learning about or practicing alternative types of education, including self-directed learning. We seek to support our community by sharing information about alternative education and creating alternative education options locally.

Who is invited?

Parents of all professions, kids of all ages, teachers/professors and students of all grade levels are welcome to participate.

You may be an expert on the topic and have been practicing other types of education and want to come and share what you know. You may be currently looking for something better or have an idea of something better and are looking for more support or resources. Wherever you are in your alternative education journey, we can help each other along the way.

What do we do?

Not sure yet. Some ideas are:

· Meet weekly and talk about our experiences and interests

· Share resources and provide information with each other

· Make resources and information available to the larger community about other education options. Possibly we organize documentary viewings, watch documentaries such as Class Dismissed, post articles in local periodicals, magazines and / or websites.

Point of reference and resources:

· Alternative Education Resource Center

· Liberated Learners

· The Alliance for Self Directed Education

There are so many additional resources out there. As we have questions, we can help each other find the answers.

Please periodically review this “About” page. As this group is new I continue to refine what the meetup is about be as clear as possible about the intention. I am sure it will continue to be refined as we meet further.

Past events (1)

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