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Ask the Experts: Dating in 2014

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Is 2014 going to be the year you finally get your dating life sorted out? Luckily for you we have assembled a crack team of dating and relationship experts to help you out.

Hayley Quinn

Hayley Quinn is one of the world's Top dating coaches, she has been featured as an expert across international media including The Independent, Cosmopolitan and FHM, and hosts dating events across the world.

She has helped thousands of men and women find love, fun, and flirting...sometimes in very unusual ways. After appearing in 3 sell out talks for Interesting Talks last year you can be sure to be entertained by this world class speaker and ask her anything you've ever wanted to know about sex (yes we said it), dating and relationships...

Maya Gilbert

Maya has spent the past four years in an intensive study of orgasm, desire, communication, and relationship. The Co-Director of TurnON London, she coaches and teaches couples and singles to live their lives from turn on. She previously co-founded the innovative adventure company, Surprise Industries, and loves creating experiential learning platforms.

Dave Gammon

Finding myself single at the age of forty was not in my life plan. I had never been very confident or particularly good at dating when I had youth and looks on my side. How the hell was I supposed to get back into meeting women now I was older, heavier, wrinklier and weighed down with emotional baggage? I wrote Tidy up on your way out which is the hilarious, odd, romantic and heartbreaking story of the crazy six years that followed.

In search of a lasting relationship and perhaps the elusive next Mrs G I dated everyone from my closest friend’s sister to a woman living in Moscow. I have online dated, speed dated and randomly chatted up hundreds of women, spent thousands of pounds and travelled thousands of miles just racking up a series of dating disasters.

After four years of dating women I began to think that there were no sane or balanced single ones left on the planet. As the years went by, however, the truth became inescapable. There was only one common factor linking all of these relationships and events together: ME! This painful lesson changed my life forever.

Sam Jones

I’m Sam Jones , a Performance Coach, and I will transform you into the person you were meant to be. I give you the clarity, direction and belief you need to achieve what you want in the areas of your life that are truly important to you.I am the product of what I preach.

I preach personal development because I know what it is, I know what it takes and know how to get you there. Believe me, I am not meant to be where I am, and I am definitely not meant to be where I am going.