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IEMT Anxiety and Negative Memory Removal by Matt Kendall

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IEMT Practitioner Training Course April 2014. This course is all about dealing with anxiety and is suitable for therapists, those who want to become a therapist and those who just want to work on themselves.This course is about giving you to tools to create massive change with anxiety issues on both yourself and with others. This is a professional qualification and qualification practitioners can obtain professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

Integral Eye Movement Technique (IEMT) is a developing area brief change work that explores the area of undesired emotions and our ways of being. The process explores the question, "How did we learn to feel the way that we feel?" and opens up the possibility of creating the appropriate change in our emotional lives.

By teaching resources and skills inside the problem state, IEMT appears to bring the client more into the present moment and enables them to better stay out of past negative experiences.

Practitioners consistently report that IEMT has created change in their clients where no other approach has worked previously.

This extraordinary training course is divided into two halves. On day one participants discover how to use the eye movements in conjunction with the IEMT algorithms to address emotional imprints, and on day two, we explore issues relating to identity and ways of being.

Integral Eye Movement Therapy was originally developed by Andrew T. Austin based on the work by Connirae and Steve Andreas and has been taught internationally in the USA, England, Poland and India.

For the practitioner, IEMT is about precise calibration to the client. Unlike other treatments involving eye movements, with this model the eye movements are neither random nor simply a repetitive left and right movement in the hope that change will occur. The training provides the tools for the practitioner to precisely calibrate which axis through which to move the eyes enabling the exploration work to occur with precision and at a remarkable speed.

IEMT is not the grand unified theory of therapy and change work and is still a developing model, but is a very useful adjunctive for the trained therapists and when used in the right hands can provide an excellent remedial tool for emotional change and a generative tool for identity change. Practitioners are reporting that IEMT enables excellent results where previously a good outcome might have appeared improbable.

Here is some feedback from people who did this course in January;

"Excellent Training, first class delivery, kept me focused the whole time. Thank you Matt, several different tools taught until they were understood and practised precisely. Enabled me to grow as a therapist due to the tools being flexible throughout therapy." Tracy

"Excellent in every sense: content and presentation. Good fun too." Bernadette Simmons

"Found this to be an incredibly useful technique, with powerful results that were almost instantaneous...The concept of IEMT were skilfully explained by Matt, and the way painful memories can be transmuted and diminished in intensity was ably demonstrated to all of us. There was lots of opportunity for practical experience, (role play and exercises,) and time to also observe reactions (a very important component) as well as the theory - Great course, expertly delivered and highly recommended." Katie S

Was an amazing experience really. Some really useful techniques....cant wait to try it out. Thanks Matt Andrea

Excellent course, superbly taught. Would recommend this to anyone interested in highly effective and practical change work which seems to applicable to a whole range of life 'stuff'. As a therapist this is an incredibly useful modality to have in my skills' basket. Many thanks Matt. Sally

Here is a case study from a woman I worked with use IEMT.

And here is another one from a guy called Kevin

You can listen to lots more here

This course is simply amazing. Even for seasoned therapist you will learn new techniques for working with clients to create massive change.

Please book ASAP as it will sell out.

Date: 5th and 6th April (12 – 5pm both days)

Trainer: Matt Kendall

Venue: Cockpit Studios, Marylebone

Level: Suitable for both therapists and non therapists

Price: Full price is £297. There is a £50 discount for those who don’t want to be certified, also a further £50 early bird Interesting Talks offer. The deposit is non-refundable £97 to secure you place £97. Complete payment is taken just before the training.