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SOLD OUT Reclaim Your Confidence with Keith Blakemore-Noble

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Conference Room of St James's Church

197 Piccadilly, W1J 9LL · London

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In the downstairs room. Entrance on Church Place.

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Meeting and speaking with strangers at parties, conferences or networking events. Delivering presentations to work colleagues, peers and management. Making friends. Finding a romantic partner. They all require confidence. But do you find that while everyone around seems to have an abundance of confidence, when it comes to facing some or all of these situations you are filled with dread, fear or even panic? Do you wish you were one of the lucky ones who was just born naturally confident?

The reality is that all of us are born with confidence, but many of us grow up losing that confidence, learning instead to react with fear.

What if you could Reclaim Your Confidence? How would that radically improve your personal life, your professional life, your social life, or your romantic life? Over the course of this evening we will explore confidence, discover why so many of us have lost it, and examine some simple steps to take us on the journey toward reclaiming our confidence.

You will learn -

• What confidence actually is, and what it isn’t.

• Where our lack of confidence comes from

• Why the fact that we lack confidence means that we can become even more confident than we thought possible

• How we are Reared To Fear The dangers of Comparing

• The Inside Out How to create Killer Conversation

• The big confidence secret embraced by many of the great stars of stage, screen and music

• How a salivating dog can help you to instantly enter any desired positive emotional states whenever you want to

You will take part in exercises and demonstrations designed to reinforce what we learn, and you will walk away with some tools and tricks which you can put to immediate use - indeed, you’ll use them this evening.

About Keith

Keith Blakemore-Noble forged a highly successful 20 year career in the field of IT, where his ideas and contributions significantly improved the productivity of the companies for whom he worked, turning the computers back into unobtrusive aids to work rather than the crippling foes they often seem to be.

BUT, although he loved working with computers, he had a major problem. He suffered from life-long crippling shyness. He found it very challenging to interact with strangers, which was costing him dearly - few friends, unable to take part in networking events and seminars, and generally the first to hide when ever new people appeared.

All of this changed when he studies the human mind and the cutting edge sciences behind massive positive change. He completely eliminated his shyness, he reclaimed his confidence, and left IT to become a successful international best-selling author, speaker, trainer and coach (specialising in confidence and phobias).

He has spoken on stages around the world from UK to USA via Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam, to audiences of 800 people. These days his time is divided between helping people to conquer their fears through personal coaching and online product, and developing and delivering trainings in the same cutting edge tools which he has used to master his own life.