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Hypnosis - More Than Just A Parlour Trick by Keith Blakemore-Noble

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Hypnosis - More Than Just A Parlour Trick

A lot is talked about hypnosis. Many people have a lot of impressions about what it is, based heavily upon old Hollywood movies (“look into my eyes…”) and the more recent television and stage spectaculars of the likes of Derren Brown.

But what actually IS hypnosis?

Is it just a party trick, used on stage and to entertain on the streets?

Or is there something more to it which we can actually use in our own lives?

During this session, we will examine these questions and many more, learning the reality about hypnosis, where it came from, how it works, how to actively use it to improve our own lives.

And yes, we’ll take a look at hypnosis on the stage and in the streets too (we might even have a demonstration or two!), examining what those disciplines can teach us about harnessing hypnosis for massive positive change in ourselves and in others.

You will learn -

• What hypnosis is

• What hypnosis isn’t - there are a lot of myths around this, which we will discuss and dispel

• Who can be hypnotised and who can’t

• How to tell if someone can be hypnotised

• Where hypnosis came from - a brief history

• What can it be used for, if not just party tricks?

• The difference between hypnosis and self-hypnosis

• How hypnosis can be successfully used to effect great change in people’s lives

And yes, there may be a demonstration or two of the stage side, just to bring some humour and entertainment to the evening.

Keith Blakemore-Noble

At the age of 12, Keith was fascinated by hypnosis. He used to pretend that he could hypnotise people, and resolved to find out how to hypnotise.

Unfortunately, real life, school. university and a career in IT all conspired to divert him from this, until he returned to studying hypnosis, NLP and other “mind sciences” initially to help him overcome his own issues, and then to forge a successful career as an international best-selling author, speaker, trainer and coach.

Fired up by returning to hypnotism and finally learning not only how it works but how to use it, Keith now regularly uses hypnosis as one of the tools in his toolbox for helping people to reprogram their minds.

And, because hypnosis is just so powerful and such great fun, he is also performs a mixture of hypnosis and card magic on streets and stages under the name HypnoTainment, performing to audiences who describe him as "awesome … and very funny!”.