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Destroy Limiting Beliefs with Keith Blakemore-Noble

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Have you ever experienced that niggling voice in the back of your head? You know the one - “I’m not good enough”, or “People like me never win”, or “Money is bad” or “I’ll never manage to succeed” or…The reality is that pretty much everyone has those sorts of beliefs, which arise from decisions made deep in the past; decisions of which we are usually completely unaware!

The problem is, those decisions become ingrained beliefs, which hold us back in life. The good news is that it is entirely possible to not only identify these limiting beliefs and disempowering decisions, but also to change them and even completely eliminate them.

Just imagine being able to go from believing “I’m not good enough” to “I am MORE than good enough!” - what effect would that single change have on your life?

During this engaging evening, we will explore exactly where these sort of beliefs and decisions come from and how we can go about changing them with ease.

During this engaging evening you will -

• Discover where these limiting beliefs and decisions come from

• Understand that they were made with the very best of intentions

• Realise that this means they can always be changed• Identify the 1 or two top beliefs or decisions YOU want to change about yourself

• Eliminate those beliefs and change those decisions during the evening.

About Keith Blakemore-Noble

Keith Blakemore-Noble, a.k.a. The Confidence Alchemist™, forged a highly successful 20 year career in the field of IT, where his ideas and contributions significantly improved the productivity of the companies for whom he worked, turning the computers back into unobtrusive aids to work rather than the crippling foes they often seem to be.BUT, although he loved working with computers, he had a major problem.

He suffered from life-long crippling shyness. He found it very challenging to interact with strangers, which was costing him dearly - few friends, unable to take part in networking events and seminars, and generally the first to hide when ever new people appeared.All of this changed when he studies the human mind and the cutting edge sciences behind massive positive change. He completely eliminated his shyness, he reclaimed his confidence, and left IT to become a successful international best-selling author, speaker, trainer and coach (specialising in confidence and phobias).

He has spoken spoken for BBC, BNI, GTeX, Interesting Talks, Legendary Living, PONY Express Speakers Club, Rock House Global. The Rotary Club UK, South London Personal Development Group in Bali, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore, Tibet, United Kingdom, United States and Vietnam to audiences of up to 800 people at a time.

These days his time is devoted to helping people to conquer their fears and to Reclaim Their Confidence using the same cutting edge tools which he has used to master his own life.