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If you are:
1. Looking to Network with Positive & Supportive People while
2. Gaining access to tools & strategies from leading experts to improve your life

Then you are in the right place.

We organise Interesting Talks on a range of topics from:
- Life Coaching
- Entrepreneurship
- Motivation
- Developing Positive Habits
- Positive Psychology
- And Much More

Each of our talks involves a social gathering at the end of the talk to connect with like-minded people and share stories.

We don't allow network marketers promote themselves at our groups.

All speeches are "of value" and no high-pressure sales pitches allow. Speakers are invited to ask the audience to share their details if they feel that the speaker can be of service to them.

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The Habit Blueprint: Change Your Life One Habit At A Time

The Central Hotel

1 Day Habit Bootcamp €60 (Application/Invitation Only) Negative Behavioural Patterns can mess up your life. And they can very difficult to change. But one thing is for sure: The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Meaning you are never staying the same. You are either moving forward or backwards. Momentum is either taking you closer to your excellence or moving you further away. Creating new habits is the way we carve ourselves into the person we want to become. Everything else is just a "feel good", "quick fix" that will change your state momentarily only to put you right back to where you started. You know you have a NBP if: ❌ You continue to do it even when it gives you no pleasure ❌ You tried to change it before but you couldn't ❌ You plan your life to accommodate the behaviour ❌ It sabotages the pursuit of long term goals, draining you of the vital energy you need to make a difference. If you think you have no NBP's, your in more trouble than you even realize. If your not sure which ones to work on, buy Jordan Peterson's Life Authoring course: https://www.selfauthoring.com/about Or take the Myers/Briggs personality test and challenge yourself to explore the opposite of your personality i.e if you are introvert, create a habit of going out more. Creating Positive Behavioural Patters will: ✅Move you closer to a vision you once thought impossible. ✅Leaves you feeling like a champion of your life. ✅Carve yourself into a person you can respect and be proud of. ✅Disrupt negative thought patterns and create a life of meaning and purpose ✅Take quantum leaps in your personal development ✅Confidence that you can tackle any challenge that life throws at you. This is just a ONE day workshop and is limited to 10 people (room capacity). We will have a Facebook group to track and monitor progress after the course. If you are feeling stuck somewhere in your life, 95% of the time it is just a habit. People tend to dramatize their negative habits and make it out to be something much more serious than that but it's usually not.

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