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Couples and individuals in interfaith relationships, especially those who are or hope to raise children, meet to share experiences, wisdom and challenges that come when two faith traditions bond within one household. We aspire to create an interfaith community of family support. To share and learn, both anecdotally and academically. To engage and be curious. To bring different experiences together and create a feeling of community and growth through knowledge.

What is an interfaith relationship?Christian/Muslim, Jewish/Muslim, Christian/Jewish, and so many other potential combinations. All are welcome!

What do we do? Think "bible study", with lots of other books and no all-knowing teacher :) We will always be courteous and not afraid to ask and learn. Plus, I bet we'll end up celebrating every holiday on the calendar! Lunar calendar? That too! Documentaries, discussion, food, conversation, wherever the discourse takes us. Plus, a list of resulting questions or curiosities to drive the topics of future gatherings.

Foreign service, military, volunteer, peace corps, bring your experience to enrich our lives and we'll promise to do the same!

Potential for simultaneous playdates with the kiddos, but please reach out first to see if resources allow. We're new. We'll figure it out as we go!

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