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3rd Wednesday Spiritual and Intuitive Energy Healing Circle
"Experience the energy of working with a group to heal yourself and others!" Each month, we will "Sit in the Power" and cultivate the "Art of Attunement" with Infinite Intelligence. Inspired by Harry Edwards and other renowned spiritual healers, we will explore "spiritual" and "intuitive" energy healing modalities, with an emphasis on recognizing the emotional state associated with "Attunement". In circle we will: ~Create sacred space ~Discuss an aspect of energy healing ~Do exercises to apply what we discussed ~Send remote healing ~Experience a deep visualization meditation to enter into the state of "Attunement" ~Work in pairs to give and receive healing energy by "laying on of hands" (very similar to reiki) ~Share our experiences ~Open the circle NOTE: This is the same Sunday Service meetup that has been announced in the Celebrate Life! meetup group. Donation sliding scale $5-$20, no one turned away for lack of funds:) All proceeds go to support Celebrate Life! Progressive Spiritualist Community. Facilitator: DeeDee Freeman

Celebrate LIFE Progressive Spiritualist Community in San Francisco

4530 18th St · San Francisco

What we're about

The "hypnogogic" state has been called many things: gnosis, trance, path working, non-ordinary reality, the astral plane, lucid dreaming, meditation, hypnosis, etc...whatever one calls this state of consciousness, it is the doorway to our intuitive, higher self. Once we learn how go there, the possibilities are endless!!

Interior- Situated within, or inside; relating to the inside; inner; belonging to a mental or spiritual life; the concealed nature

Alchemy- A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination of both; a philosophical, proto-scientific tradition aimed to purify, mature, and perfect objects in the material world; the perfection of the human psyche/soul resulting in one's "Great Work"; achievement of "Gnosis"

I will be creating events for activities that I'm involved with, in a wide range of groups; the common theme being talks/workshops/demonstrations on self-hypnosis and accessing the hypnogogic state.

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I look forward to learning more about you!!

In Love and Light!!

DeeDee Freeman

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