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Internal Energy Walking

The Internal Energy Walking Classes utilizes techniques from internal “chi” practices, (“chi” being the same as in Qi Gong or used in Tai Ji Chaun) to walk better. The emphasis is to improve the efficiency of body motion and flow of energy. These practices also result in improved health, balance, vitality, body awareness and peaceful, centered, clear states of mind. Since we walk during the day, the hope is that by integrating these practices into walking, they can become part of daily life.

A typical class involves performing internal chi practices, then integrating them with walking. At the beginning of each class attendee "checks in". This determines the direction of class for that day.

Tai Ji Quan

The Tai Ji Qaun (Tai Chi Chuan) classes focus on a traditional Yang form. Tai Ji is an excellent internal energy practice and meditation, as well as a potent martial art.

Dave Gold

Dave Gold has been involved with martial arts, and other internal practices much of his life. He is also the Organizer of the Santa Fe Hiking Meetup.

Often a specific exercise or principle will be repeated from class to class, but with a different perspective. That results in a deeper level of understanding. So classes are "progressive", but missing a class doesn't matter, and newcomers are welcome and can be easily integrated into the class.

If you have an questions please feel free to call Dave Gold at 505-577-7557 or email. Classes are taught through David R. Gold LLC.

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