International Animal & Intuitive Translators Meetup

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Every 1st Tuesday of the month

Price: $25.00

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Intuitive Translator Meetup

Do you think or feel you are intuitive? Do you wish you had a place to practice your Intuitive Translating abilities? If you have found a place to study and learn your practice, is it either too costly or too far away? If you answered 'yes' to any of the questions, you might very well be interested in joining our group!

Intuitive souls from all over the world are able to attend. If you believe you have natural tendencies toward being intuitive and would benefit from the feedback of others with a similar skill set, then this is the group for you. Besides you, who will benefit from this work? The answer is anyone who doesn't have the human voice to speak their messages.

Here are just some of the individuals who/that benefited from our group: Domestic and Wild Animals; Special Needs Children; Pre-birth Infants; Infants; Autistic Children and the list goes on. We offer the opportunity to communicate with our Spiritual Guides, Angles, Master Teachers, Power Animals and Nature too. Life is thriving all around us! How thrilling to be able to 'tune in' to its messages!

There are many languages in the world, including sign language and many places to learn them. But where can you go to practice being an Intuitive Translator? This is the language we all knew first, but many human beings have forgotten. So, the great thing about this group is that you will have the opportunity to remember your first language. You'll be able to say, "Yes, I speak Intuitive!"

Here's what we'll be doing:

1. We will welcome everyone on the call.

2. Review last month's breakthroughs.

3. Share feedback for previous 'intuitive hits'.

4. Everyone will be asked to send a picture with questions of an animal/individual for the intuitive discussion. (If you will email me at [masked] with your pictures, and questions, I'll be able to send you an email back with the compiled information for the evening's call. Please send in your information the day before the call.)

5. We will be asking for assistance from our 'Highest Vibrational Source', which each may define individually.

6. Once we are centered, we will then ask permission to talk with the individual in the picture.

7. Then, we will share our intuitive responses to the questions with each other.

8. The person who submitted the picture will then give as much feedback as possible.

9. We'll take an appropriate amount of time with each subject. (Remember, you must be present on the call to give us feedback on your questions.)

I believe very soon, there will be a huge demand for Intuitive and Animal Translators. This is our opportunity to prepare for a future that is already here. In this group, you'll be safe to get it right or wrong. It will be okay. I'll remind you more than once, that we aren't attached to being 'right and wrong'.

We will be able to move gracefully through this process by tuning into our inner guidance. When you start getting loving answers that surprise you, it's often your intuition that you've tuned into.

Come join us! Amaze yourself and the rest of the group with your 'budding or well developed intuitive gifts'. If you have a desire to grow and evolve in this way, then I believe you will enjoy this group! I've seen people start out being very shy about their intuitive abilities. But then with a little loving support, grow into powerful, clear channels.

You don't have to have it all figured out to join this group, just need a desire and passion to explore and expand your beautiful talents and gifts! Hope to 'see' you there!

Here is the information to be on the call:

When: On the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. (CST or CDT)

Conference Number: (857)[masked] Conference Code:[masked] (You can call in using a cell phone, landline or Skype)

Sweetest Blessings,


PS If you have questions, call[masked] Note - This is a teleconference call event so everyone from anywhere is invited to join us! We ask for a $25.00 donation for this call. http://sandralarson.c... (

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