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Laughter Meditation on Opening Your Heart

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The journey for self improvement continues. I am attending another session on laughter meditation and the topic is on opening your heart to live fully. Ina Lukas is the instructor and the cost is still only $10. Join me on this journey. We meet at 7p to socialize a bit and then we do the practice. What does it mean to open your heart? So often we don't allow our hearts to be fully open because we fear vulnerability and the unknown. We want to protect ourselves from hurt, from loss, from pain of any kind. But when we allow our hearts to fully open to life, to love, and to ourselves, we open up to a whole new way of living and being in the world and in our relationships. In tonight's meditation we will open our hearts fully to life and to love, and to all of the miracles that are available to us when we let go of the centuries of fear that have been holding us back.

Laughter Meditation is one of the simplest and most powerful forms of meditation, and is also a profoundly transformational healing modality. The laughter causes a huge cathartic release that easily empties the contents of your mind and heart, which allows you to plunge more deeply into the silence that follows. The end result of this joyful chemistry is the feeling of being a "love puddle". You feel euphoric, elated, connected, cleansed, alive and tuned in to who you are... energized and relaxed.

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