English Comedy : Jim Williams (USA), Anja Wutej (SVN) & Dharmander Singh (UK)

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Sprinkles of self doubt English Comedy
Saturday 25th May 2019

An English-language stand-up comedy show with extended sets from amazing local and international Comedians.

Please mention MEETUP at the bar for discounted entry.

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Doors open 9pm, show starts at 10pm

★★★★★ THE COMEDIANS ★★★★★

Jim Williams (USA)
Anja Wutej (SVN)
Dharmander Singh (UK)

★★★★★ ABOUT ANJA ★★★★★

ANJA WOOT was born and raised in Slovenia, but yoked a water salamander to take her to Berlin where she dove into the mysterious world of stand-up comedy as a form of cheap therapy. She loves to tell personal, intimate stories mixed with an overdose of weirdness and a darkish sense of humour that keeps you captivated with laughter and questions like "But why?!". Anja was one of the finalists of the first Berlin New Stand-Up Award. She didn't win, but neither did you, so shut up


★★★★★ ABOUT JIM ★★★★★

For the last 12 years, Jim has lived in Poland. In that time he’s: learned to speak Polish (sort of), eaten traditional Polish blood soup, started smoking, won top awards at Poland's largest comedy festivals (both with his physical comedy show Liquidmime, as well as with his Polish-language stand-up), quit smoking, almost died in the Polish mountains, started smoking again, toured the country, quit smoking, made 3 people with his Polish wife, visited the emergency room four times, started smoking again, entered and advanced to the semi-finals of Poland’s Got Talent, quit smoking, founded the English stand-up community in Wroclaw, started smoking again, quit again, started again, and is still somehow alive to tell the tale.

Jim’s brutally honest stories about the ups and downs of life abroad, parenthood, marriage, mental illness, life, death, and everything in between will have you cringing as much as laughing.

Jim Williams is a professional American mime, actor, clown, dancer, public speaker, and stand-up comedian with a diploma and crushing student loans to prove it.


Dharmander Singh was born in Birmingham in the mid 70's as a first generation British Asian. He started in theatre from a young age and graduated to stand-up comedy in his late 20's. He successfully ran the Birmingham comedy club "Custard Balti". In 2008, Dharmander did an early "Brexit" and moved to Germany. Based in Berlin, he has been entertaining crowds from Amsterdam to Dubai for over 15 years.
A comedy festival regular, Dharmander performed at Edinburgh Fringe and Birmingham Comedy Festival in 2017 with his acclaimed one-man show "Bollywood and Birmingham to Berlin and Brexit" for the first time. This show travels in regular intervals through European countries and the world such as Austria, Italy, Jordan, Oman and Poland. In 2019, Dharmander will be participating in the Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals again.

He has appeared on BBC radio on several occasions and featured in the Scottish BAFTA winning film "Crying with Laughter". His style of comedy is light-hearted, captivating, warm, entertaining and energetic with smatterings of social and political commentary.

“Friendly, energetic, feel-good comedy!” Leeroy Dewitt
"Dharmander's mega-watt smile and brilliantly energetic style will win you over." Sonya Nemec
"Refreshing humour. Look forward to see him again. Five stars." Peter Dawson
"Dharmander Singh is an energetic, lively, fun MC and comedian. He is extremely likeable and audiences warm to him immediately." Nik Coppin
"Dharmander is an amazing and mesmerizing presence on stage. You cannot help but love him." Lynn Ruth Miller

★★★★★ TICKETS ★★★★★

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