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We search for like minded people to share in the commitment to developing self-awareness and to create an atmosphere which has a simple and constant focus on man; not as he is, but what we he can become.

This way of becoming begins with Observation. This is not an intellectual concept, but something to be experienced. If practiced, continually, and verified through one's own experiences, the purest perception of what exists in our life can become possible. In fact, a deep and attentive gaze -of oneself in relation to everything, and of everything in relation to oneself - defines the truest and most profound nature of our existence. This way is not Philosophy, this way is a living teaching, and one of its chief aims is of producing Presence, and with it, greater richness (joy) in the experience of life.

The practices developed through the School of Self Awareness help us to create an inner "peace," a more intimate connection with the Now, and especially within the conditions of everyday life.

Books are merely the beginning, the path starts and ends with practice. The practice begins with a training in the exercise of physical relaxation, and continues with the repeated "little doings" that lead to the verifiable improvement of ones' own life. The result is the gradual, but discernible removal of the self-imposed limits and fears which present themselves to each of us in our imperfect state of living.

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