What we're about

"Our goal is not to help you survive, but to make you thrive!"

*Overwhelmed by stress because of the upcoming exam?
*Guilty every time you try to relax, since you “should have” been studying?
*Worried about speaking in public, going on job interviews, or asking someone for a date?
*Concerned about your deadlines and your time management?
*Long time since you had a good-night sleep?
*Spend too much time thinking about what you will, or won't, eat next?
*Lost in your responsibilities, trying to jungle work, studies, and relationships? ​​

If your answer is “YES” to some-or all- of those questions,
then join us to our new International Students Support Group!

There is a group for International Students of all fields and departments for those who would like to join, share and get practical tools for their students life and its challenges.
students support group

It is proved that people that have participated in our Support Group for a few months have felt more confident, less lonely, more connected with others and belonging to a group, and they have admitted that they are strong and ready to deal with the challenges of every day life especially as an international student.

*What stress is and how to handle it efficiently.
*How to better prepare for exams and how to deal best with the actual nerve-wrecking exam day.
*How to build skills around time management, procrastination, focus, organisation and planning
*Homesickness: how to deal with this feeling of being away from home, family and friends.
*How to keep a balance between you student life and your personal and social life.
*How to build friendships and stay connected.
*How to prioritise decisions and to handle responsibilities of your adult life.

We are a support group for men and women of Bachelor and Master Studies in the Netherlands. Our facilitators-counselors hold the scientific background and the warm personality to support us through such an overwhelming experience.

We meet every week to help each other navigate the challenges of Student Life and to give practical tools for real-life struggles.

At our meetings we provide POSITIVE support in a NON-JUDGMENTAL setting where each member has a chance to discuss, share and get help.

Bring only your concerns, questions, open minds and warm hearts!

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